Basic Guide to Starting Mobile Marketing #3

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Basic Guide to Starting Mobile Marketing 3 1

Basic Guide to Starting Mobile Marketing #3

Basic Guide to Starting Mobile Marketing 3 1

In the previous series of articles, we described various types of cost models that were implemented in carrying out a marketing campaign. In this third part of the article, what will be discussed is about the ad formats commonly used.

Ad Format

In running a marketing campaign, displaying ads both in terms of visuals and the content of the displayed text is a very important component to reach your target audience. But in addition to the content of the content, the format used to present the ad content is equally important. Each ad format has its own advantages to reach different audience characters. Here are some ad formats commonly used in mobile marketing.

Banner Ads

The most common ad format is banner ads, a traditional format used for digital marketing on desktops. This type of ad displays images (or moving images) which when clicked will direct the audience towards the desired website url. The visuals of the image direct and encourage the user to click on the image.

Although this format is the first generation of online advertising, banner ads are still in great demand. Based on reports from several app marketing websites, it is stated that banner ads “are surprisingly very effective, especially on Android.” Banner ads can provide far better results than native ad in terms of post-installation engagement on Android.

But there is a negative side that banner ads also have called “banner blindness,” which is a condition where users have very often seen this kind of adverts and ignore it. So, banner ads are very appropriate when juxtaposed with the CPC cost model.

Native Ads

The distinctive feature of the native ads format is that ads seem to blend with the content they have. With a format that is adjusted to aesthetics, this type of ad tends not to be distracting and is able to offer a better user experience than other types of ads.

With these advantages, native ads ad formats become a very popular choice. Even according to research conducted by Facebook and IHS Inc., 63.2% of marketers choose this type of ad format.

Interstitial Ads

In general, the Interstitial Ads format is similar to banner ads. The difference is in size, where interstitial ads are usually in the form of videos or full-screen images. The CTR (click to rate) of this type of ad format is also higher compared to regular banner ads. This is caused partly because of its large size, as well as the simple choice of clicking on ads or closing ads and continuing to use the application.

Interstitial ads are used to advertise content such as videos or store locations. To get the best results, CTA (call to action) must be clearly available, and must consider the right time to display these ads in the application, namely at the “key” moments in the use of applications by users.

Video Ads & Rewarded Video Ads

The ad format with video format is a popular one. The reason is because this type of advertisement is very attractive to users, and can affect high CTR. There is also an ad format in the form of rewarded video ads that provide rewards or benefits to users because they have seen the ad. This prize video ad format can increase advertising revenue for publishers, and encourage users to be able to watch the video content in a longer duration.

Playable Ads

Ads that can be played or referred to as Playable Ads are also very interesting because users can interact with these ads. Generally this type of ad format is used to advertise mobile games, so users can try some of these games, before finally being offered to install or buy the game to get the full experience. Based on studies conducted by eMarketer, playable ads are the most effective in-app ad format according to professional agencies in the United States.

Determining the best ad format is important. But creative material in content remains the main thing to be able to encourage users to click on the ads that we install. With the help of the attribution provider, you can measure the performance of advertising materials to identify creative materials that are most suitable for your audience, with the aim of increasing conversions. Also do A / B testing on your advertising material to find out the format, images, text, and other content that is most relevant and liked by your audience.

After deciding on the right ad format, you can streamline your business and mobile marketing products by advertising through our advertising services with cheap capital. You can hardly send your products and services to the world.