Barcode is understanding, type, and function on product packaging

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Barcode is: understanding, type, and function on product packaging

Barcode is understanding type and function on product packaging

Basically, the barcode is a rod code with a line that can be read by the machine. It must have been very often realized when shopping at the cash register because of its existence that was indeed at the cashier’s desk.

Then, what exactly is the understanding of the barcode itself? How do you make it, and what’s the difference with QR Code? Here we provide a full explanation for you.

What is barcode?

Cross code, rod code, or what we usually know with barcodes is the optical data in which there is a line or bar capable of being read by the machine. These various codes have functions in distinguishing one type of product with other products.

So, you don’t need any more trouble in looking for it, because you can easily find it by using a barcode available in all supermarkets.

The first time, the product sorting system was used by Wallace Flint in its scientific work in the 1930s, but this research could not be realized.

After two decades later, both students from the Drexel Institute of Technology campus were able to develop a better way to sort wholesale products.

One of them named Joseph Woodland always remember vividly with concepts could develop point and line symbols contained in morse code.

Until now, the results of their discovery have developed to become a barcode that we have often found in each retail and non-retail products.

The barcode function is

The most important function of the barcode is to save all information related to a product or various items that have been given a barcode label. Generally, barcodes will save all information about the expiration date of the product, production code, and also the product identity number.

Barcode requires a reading tool in order to find out the various information contained in the packaging that we usually call a barcode scanner.

Barcode Scanner is very helpful for operators while reading the information contained in the barcode without having to read one by one meaning of each line in the product.

The reason for the use of barcodes is

The most important thing offered in this barcode system is its convenience. By using a barcode, you will become easier input data and even faster when compared to manual ways.

Furthermore, the barcode will also create a more accurate information recording system, because barcodes are made with the level of accuracy and also high accuracy. In addition, barcodes can also be said to be a more efficient system to be able to minimize losses by providing more accurate recording.

In addition, you also don’t need more power in terms of repeating data repeatedly and using traditional ways.

How to make barcodes or qr code from websites and applications

You still need a tool or media that can change a symbol so you can better understand the barcode. Well, here we provide some tools that you can use to create a barcode, whether it uses the application on your smartphone or on your browser website.

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1. Barcode Graphics.

Just as the name suggests, you can use barcode graphics to find out how to make a barcode. Besides being able to change the writing into a code, you can also set up this barcode size so you can avoid the prints using special ink. But, you can only use this website to make barcodes.

2. Barcode Generator

In addition to directly making barcodes, you can also better understand various types of barcodes used by various companies and certain agencies.

For example, there is a special barcode used for pharmaceutical products, but on the other hand there is also a barcode that uses planetary names that are often used in various postal and transportation from America. All of these things you can make using a barcode generator.

3. QR code generator

If you need a website that specifically makes QR code simple, multifunctional and can also be easily used, the QR code generator is the answer. By using this tools, you can make a QR code and also scan the QR code.

In addition, you can also create a QR code from writing, contact, URL, telephone number, up to send SMS or chat.

4. QR Code Reader

Even though the name is QR Code Reader, you can use this application to change the text or number into a code. Besides being used to read QR Code, you can also read barcodes through applications that have been used by many people.

Barcode types

At least four types of barcodes are found, namely barcodes on retail products, barcode publishing, barcodes for information needs, and also barcodes for non-retail needs. The following is the full explanation:

1. Retail product barcode

If you have questions why many shopping centers use barcodes on their products, then the answer is a system that has been developed by Bernard Silver and Norman J. Woodland is very easy to use and also proved to be more effective.

For this reason, the current barcode has been used for many needs, such as retail products using the Universal Price Codes (UPC) system commonly used by products at supermarket stores.

More than that, the barcode is also used as a code for the need for packaging that uses the type of barcode ITF-14, namely the Barcode Interleaved Two of Five which contains 14 numbers and generally will be used to mark products with a large amount in a cardboard cardboard.

2. Barcode for publishing

If you have bought a novel, magazine, or other school book from the bookstore, surely you will find the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) in the book.

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Recognizing this code is not difficult, because you will definitely find ISBN letters before the number of 13 points or ISSN product before the eight product number.

3. Barcode for pharmaceutical purposes

Maybe you still haven’t realized that there are barcodes that are used specifically for pharmaceutical needs. Generally, this type of barcode is used to be able to identify various drug products.

Various types of barcodes are generally used are Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC) with “+” sign at the beginning of the code which is then accompanied by 24 characters consisting of a mixture of letters and also numbers.

4. Barcode for non-retail purposes

This barcode is very often used to provide a sign on library books, member cards or various inventory items. Generally, the type of barcode used is Code 39 and Code 128. The difference is at the density level or density of the data. Code 128 has a higher density level than Code 39.

Difference between Barcode and QR Code

After we clearly understand the understanding of the barcode, and how to create a barcode or QR code by using a website or application, then you should have understood the difference from both.

Simply put, barcodes are used more to sort various products based on the type, value or price of the product. While QR Code has a more modern look, because in it you can store more data and also easier to read with various smart devices.


Because at this time the barcode is more difficult to read and also more used for the needs of trading companies, it is likely to be even easier if you use QR Code.

Why? Because besides offering convenience in reading it, this code can also accommodate and create more data, including the address of your website.

You can also use this QR code to conduct your ad campaign, as previously done by The World Park in 2010. However, if you direct QR code on the website page, then you should be able to make sure your website page can be accessed quickly.

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