Banner Ads And Their Functions For Your Business

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Banner Ads And Their Functions For Your Business

Banner Ads And Their Functions For Your Business

Advertising banners can be used to promote your business website to be more widely known.

As you know, the internet has a very broad scope and can be accessed by anyone around the world. In fact, according to, internet users around the world currently reach 4,536,248,808 people.

Broad coverage makes the internet as an effective promotional media. This is good for you, but on the other hand you also need to be careful. Broad scope of users can also mean a flood of competitors. To be successful here, you need to look good.

Well, one way to make your services look attractive is by using banner ads.

The Main Function of Banner Ads

What is Banner? Ad banners are advertisements using a graphic display shaped like a ‘banner’ that is placed on web pages. Basically banner ads have the same function as the advertising columns on print media. The main difference, potential customers can interact directly through banner ads, whether it’s buying or just seeing the product being advertised.

This banner ad you can make one strategy to lure visitors into your service website, so visitors can see the various products or services that you offer.

In fact, advertising banners can help create your service brand image. The main function of banner ads can be completely seen by you in the following review.

1. Flexible Presentation Tools

In addition to presenting advertisements with creative and interesting information, ad banners can provide visitors with a unique experience. Not only limited to static images (without moving animation) ads, you can also add more media to your banners such as animations, slideshows, and streaming media to increase visitor brand awareness.

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2. Building a Company Brand

It is undeniable that building a brand requires specific strategies to be successful. Well, you need interesting and creative promotions so that potential customers are more interested and can more easily remember your business. Advertising banners can be the way you make this happen.

Banner Ads And Their Functions

3. Increase Visitor Traffic

For website owners, traffic or statistics on the number of website visitors is very important. The higher the traffic, the higher the potential for a website to profit. This is where the function of banner ads in increasing the amount of traffic. Banner advertisements posted on other websites (such as advertisements), will help encourage visitors to click on the banner to further bring visitors to your website.

4. Displaying More Interesting Special Information

Special discounts and promos are an effective way to increase revenue. Well, banner ads can be used to display discounts, latest product promos, to service updates. In this way, your service information can appear more attractive.

But unfortunately, website advertising banners are often considered to interfere with the appearance of website pages. For example, making the page load so slow, the eyes of visitors are not focused, damage the appearance of the website, and others.

This happened because the website ad banners that were campaigned were not optimal in its presentation! Therefore, what needs to be done so that a banner ad on the website becomes more effective?

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