B2B Marketing Strategy: Complete Discussion and For example

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B2B Marketing Strategy: Complete Discussion and For example

B2B Marketing Strategy Complete Discussion and For example

There are two types of entities that you can market and sell your products or services to: business and individuals. Although there are some similarities in the way you can market and sell to these two entities, there are also some of the main differences. By understanding how marketing strategies differ between each entity, both B2B or B2C, you can further improve the sales process in your business.

In this guide, we will discuss the Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy (B2B), including various types, the difference with B2C marketing, and provides several examples.

What is Marketing B2B?

B2B marketing is every marketing strategy that aims to attract other businesses. B2B stands for “business to business”, which is when business is your main customer.

If you sell products or services to businesses or other organizations, this is considered a B2B sale, in this case you want to use B2B marketing tactics to produce prospects.

What is the difference between B2B marketing and B2C marketing?

B2B marketing is when you direct your marketing efforts to businesses and organizations. Meanwhile, B2C marketing is when you direct your marketing strategy to attract individual consumers. Whether you sell to business or other individuals make a big difference when it comes time to shape your marketing strategy. This plays a role in the language you use, the type of strategy you use and where you advertise.

Type of Marketing B2B

There are several methods that can be used business when you want to focus on marketing B2B. Some of these methods include:


To use blogging in your B2B marketing strategy, you must pay attention to the language you are using. Your blog post must be intended for certain members in the business you are targeting. For example, you can direct them to the CEO, or head of the marketing department.

Think about the problem solved by your product or service, then write blog posts about this topic. Most decision makers in other businesses will examine carefully before deciding on new products or services to be used, so you want a lot of information about how your business can help online.


Email is a general marketing tactic for B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. To use it in a B2B campaign, you want to make decision makers in other businesses registering with your email list. Another way to get an email address is to buy access to a curated database.

Some companies provide a prospect database, which you can search for with certain costs. You can then find contact information for hundreds, or even thousands, decision makers in other businesses. Whatever method you choose, after you have a list of email addresses, you will want to start an email marketing campaign that once again shows why your product or service can help the problems they might face.

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Referral marketing is when you generate sales through previous customer recommendations. You can use this in your B2B marketing strategy by encouraging previous customers to recommend you to decision makers in other businesses. Business likes to receive discounts whenever they can, so if you can also provide a referral bonus, this will encourage them to make more recommendations.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Before a business made a decision, he would do a lot of research. This usually includes doing internet searches and tracing the top results. To market your product or service to another business, you must appear at the top of the search results for keywords related to your business. You can do this by focusing some of your attention to SEO.

This is the practice of modifying your website in a certain way to make it more attractive to the factors that the search engine see when determining the appearance of their results. Some simple things like changing your blog post titles or speeding up your website can increase your results much higher.

Social media

Social media is a common B2C marketing strategy, but also effective in the sale of B2B. This is because decision makers in other businesses are also on social media. You can use social media to promote your product, result in brand awareness and increase brand authorities.

By joining the online discussion in your niche, you will begin to get more attention from decision makers in the business you are targeting. You can also pay to run advertisements on social media and directly target people who work for the type of company you are targeting.

Trade show and convention

Trade shows and conventions are the right place to meet other industrial professionals and promote your business. This is a decision maker meeting in your target audience, which goes to this event to meet other professionals and see if there are products or services they want to try.

Here you will also meet other businesses who want to sell to you, allowing you to improve your own business. The trading show is basically the perfect networking event for anyone involved in B2B’s sales.

Examples of B2B Marketing Strategies on Business

Here are some examples of B2B marketing strategies in action:

Example 1.

Topline Solutions has new accounting software that is perfect for small businesses. To promote it, they make a series of blog posts that answer general questions about small business owners about finance. In this blog post, they also promote their new software, discuss how it can help solve common problems. The topline solution then uses some of SEO best practices to help their blog posts appear closer to the top of the search results.

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Example 2.

Legacy furniture produces upscale furniture, such as tables and chairs, specifically for large companies. One of the B2B marketing strategies they use is paying access to the prospect database. In the prospect database, they can collect hundreds of email addresses for office managers in some of the largest companies in Indonesia. They then compiled a drip email campaign that targeted this office manager, featuring their best furniture and discussing why they had to improve.

Example 3.

Prestige Auto sell repair equipment for car workshops. To meet with the owner of a car workshop, they prepared a table at a local car convention. Dozens of local car body shop attend this convention, so Prestige Auto can connect with many of them and share contact information.

At this Convention, Prestige Auto displays some of their best repair tools and provides demonstrations about how it works. They also encourage anyone they encounter to connect with them on social media, where they will find more video demonstrations and useful repair tips.


That is a complete discussion of the B2B marketing strategy that you can apply to your business later. Different target markets, different strategies that you must use in doing marketing, including B2B and B2C. Knowing the difference between them will easily sell the product or service you sell and increase profits.

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