Awesome Team Building Games Your Team Won’t Hate

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Time: 15 30 minutesNumber of Participants: 4 10 people even numbersTools Needed: Various handheld items, a couple of blindfoldsRules: Find an open space corresponding to an empty automobile parking space or a park. Place the objects cones, balls, bottles, etc. sporadically across the open space. Have everybody pair up, and make one person on from each pair put on the blindfold.

The other person must lead their teammate from one side of the open space to any other with out stepping on the items — using only the verbal instructions. The blindfolded person cannot speak at all. To make it more challenging, create specific routes the blindfolded team members must walk. Time: 1 2 hoursNumber of Participants: Two or more small groupsTools Needed: Assorted office suppliesRules: Split all and sundry off into groups of 3 to five people and give each group an raw egg. Put all of the office provides in a pile.

They have 15 to half-hour to use the supplies to build a contraption across the egg that may keep the egg from breaking when dropped. Some guidance for gives are: tape, pencils, straws, plastic utensils, packing material, newspapers, rubber bands. Once time is up, drop each egg contraption from the second one or third floor of your constructing and see which eggs survive the Eggpocalypse.

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