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It would be fair to say that I’d been enthusiastic about this channel and its content and went on a subscribing spree on every possible social channel, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter alike. Having done that, I was sitting tracking their posts every day and came upon their listings for DLSRs at some really great prices. Considering I was searching out for a Canon 7D body myself, I got really tempted and started searching at pricing and birth options accessible. Unfortunately, figured soon enough that they weren’t transport to India yet and so I rapidly posted a question on their Facebook page asking them when they would start. Politicians are flocking to Mumbai now after the blasts.

I trust Rajdeep Sardesai when he tweeted “17 people die in mumbai, every neta descends on city. when many more died in gauhati serial blasts, didnt see them?”. Why did Mukul Roy not visit the site of the train coincidence when it happened a few weeks ago. Seriously, whats wrong with these politicians?It seems and has for a while now that persons are taking up politics more as a career option as opposed to means to serve the people. The first thing on the agenda for such people is to rake up up to possible during their tenure so that the next 10 generations in their households needn’t worry about such things as jobs and retirement making plans.

Then there are people like Rahul Gandhi in the ministerial ranks. One would think that descending from a family with a long historical past in politics would have taught him to make politically correct statements even if he cant muster enough sympathy for the affected people basically. But the gentleman goes on to say that “We will stop 99% of assaults, but 1% of attacks might get through”. After hearing this, I must say I have to give him the status of “intellectually impaired” which in step with bored. com is the politically right word for stupid!. Well, not to worry I think.

Any stutter by the ruling party is a boon for the opposition. It didnt take very long for BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy to “slam” Rahul Gandhi for making such statements. Cant help but wonder how many such blasphemous statements have been made by him and his party in the past. This whole issue about who really “owns” the 60×40 area on which Babri Masjid now stands has been plaguing the country for way too long. The split verdict of the court had hardly come out in the open and yet there were several so called experts already blaring out their versions of the ruling.

Most of the panels being interviewed on tv by Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai gave the impression to be of the opinion that the ruling regarding the division of the land in query will be typical. I was quite pleasantly amazed at this and was starting to think that we Indians had lastly become mature enough to accept the assumption of being capable of co exist with people of alternative religions harmoniously. My happiness turned out to be short lived with a better image on the tv screen being a lawyer representing the Hindus. He started claiming that they weren’t at all happy with the decision so far and didn’t like the idea that any land at all would be given to the Muslims. They could be attractive presently to get this verdict taken back and corrected. I individually imagine that its people like these that give rise to violence and anxiety in the nation.

The reactions from the panelists on the television screen were from a set of professional and advanced group of people and were little question more idea out. This nation nonetheless it doesn’t have any dearth of extremist leaders only attempting to find a chance to react violently and creating an unnecessary mess. This morning on my way to a chum’s place, I decided to take the metro for the primary time on my visit to India this time around. I could be vacationing to the newly added stations in that route stretching all the way to Garia in Kolkata. I reached the metro station with relative ease though there has been the morning rush hour to deal with.

Getting into the train was a nightmare and the bus adventure to the station itself began to seem like a breeze. Barely dealing with to step into the train, I was swept into the interiors of the compartment without making any voluntary effort to do so. More and more people gave the impression to step into the already jam packed train. While the gang in train eased off by the point we reached Esplanade, I was left questioning in regards to the new name of the Garia station. I then remembered that it was the last station in this line but I just couldn’t make sure. The map drawn on the wall of the train compartment wasn’t any help either because the stations were called either Kavi Nazrul station, Geetanjali or something similar.

Infact, there have been two extra stations drawn on the map with out a names on it. Brilliant, I thought!Now I didn’t even know no matter if this station with the unusual name was the last one or not. Sitting in the train compartment, I began to think, what is it that politicians in our nation really do. Are they truly here to serve the folk or are we the ones submitting to their whims and fancies at every feasible instance?Whether it is Ms. Mamta banerjee’s countless “micheels” rallies or demonstrations or a visit from our honorable President herself, the folks to be disturbed and put into a great deal of hassle are the people trying to get to work and/or trying to mind their very own business. It could be a criminal offense to have any of those distinguished people wait a site visitors signal like the rest of the country but it’s perfectly ok to have traffic blocked for miles at a stretch so that they could breeze past with out pausing for an rapid.

They can call as many “bandhs” as they wish only to meet their bloated egos but not give a damn concerning the daily laborer not receiving his wages. “Its all for the greater good”, they say. For once, I would love to ask, what good has a bandh ever done except incomes a day without work for the IT folks at sector V, that too by the way, something that may be made up for by working on a Saturday?I began reading a book called “Ignited Minds” by APJ Abdul Kalam. He writes in the book that every young person during this country needs a role model. In our early life, this role model usually takes the kind of one’s fogeys and academics.

They are then taken over by other renowned figures of society in fields like sports, industry, education, and politics etc, those that have made a name for themselves in their respective fields and have the talents to encourage the younger technology. After living during this nation for the last 27 revolutions around the sun as APJ Kalam would put it, I have come to detect that irrespective of who occurs to become my role model, it sure as hell wont be a politician!The only thing that involves mind was a joke I had once read on the web – Politics : Poly – many, Tics – blood sucking parasites. Well, to be fair, December ’09 have been great for me. After finishing up with a very tough 3rd semester at college, it was time to relax and just enjoy myself. The trip to India began well with an incredible visit to Hyderabad.

Several other trips observed to Mumbai, Nasik and at last to Ankleshwar where the most recent addition to the family, dad’s new SX4 awaited 🙂 It was love initially sight!The shiny black car with curves that could have done any supermodel proud stood in the driveway begging to be taken out for a drive. I couldn’t help but oblige…. Four days and endless connoisseur meals cooked by among the finest chefs that I know, my mom!later, it was time to head back to Bangkok for my final semester. As depressing as I felt having to go away, I remembered something my dad always says “bad times never last always!” Also, I could be getting to meet chums back at college, so there has been atleast anything to seem forward to. One thing that I can feel free about is my promise to myself to click more pictures and learn up to feasible about electronic images.

I guess which you can call it my new year determination!While I have already began honouring that promise, I hope I can carry on and never let the workload get in the manner. In an try to try this, I went along on the scholar union trip to Safari World that’s a theme park in Thailand. The trip started off well with some animal shows and a very good lakeside lunch. Later at an air gun taking pictures range, I managed to get my little finger of my hand smashed in the gun one way or the other while trying to reload it. After returning to AIT, I visited the local medical institution for a tetanus shot. Only challenge is, I ended up getting 8 stitches on my finger and had to get the nail removed.

While the process itself wasn’t extraordinarily painful because of the generous dose of anaesthesia, 5 injections to be exact, the pain was excruciating later that night when it’s effect wore off. For now, its a dressing a day and stitches to be removed after a week. This semester began with loads of goals and plans for many of us. While imposing them, they were on top of the priority list for me. Somehow, in the course of the course of this semester, the priorities changed.

Unfortunately, it just became more about survival than anything!At one point of time I found out after several court cases from my chums that I was turning into more nagging by the day and was losing focus. One outcome of this, and I cant whinge about which, was that I earned myself the name “Cribbitty Avi”. Energy drinks and coffee might keep you awake but can hardly provide you with the energy to work endlessly. Finding the motivations to keep operating seems to be getting more not easy than ever!For brands today, it’s all about creating awareness. Consumers are going to talk about brands whether or the companies like it and this has an impact on their views of the emblem and their purchase selections. The information superhighway can be used as an excellent medium to eavesdrop on the conversations resulting amongst clients regarding one’s brand and to work on a strategy to create effective impact on them.

Considering the spread of the information superhighway today, consumers world over can be reached very cost effectively. Creating neighborhood sites, fan pages etc give the purchaser opportunities to explore and work together with the brands through games, blogs and events. SMM encourages more conversations to happen about brands/products/services etc. Different media like blogs, discussion forums, alternative online functions like games etc are used to direct traffic towards the emblem or agency’s own site. Because there are more occasions when the brand or agency name are mentioned, they appear more often in associated searches on the internet. Google, which is one of the most commonly used search engine in the world, ranks pages with higher variety of clicks higher than others.

Directing more site visitors in opposition t one’s page more often would result in increased number of clicks and consequently a much better ranking on Google. Venture on to the streets and there’s commercials all over the place. Watch tv, and you’ll be uncovered to thousands of unwanted ads messages. Due to the litter brought on by so many messages, the purchaser often just ignores them. Consuming media has traditionally been a passive undertaking where viewers and readers had little choice but to be uncovered to ads. Social media advertising on the other hand engages the buyer in several actions that interest him/her and conveys an event that’s repeatedly more suitable than traditional ads.

It creates more consumer engagement that is essential for success. Only those people with interest of their own would visit the sites and this can quite naturally result in better conversions. Most brands use the Fan pages to create a profile for themselves and take a look at to get a set of dedicated followers. Fan pages can be set up only by the people licensed by the brands/firms themselves. Individuals but it surely, are free to get along with others and form group pages.

What this does is provides brands with a some those who would be actively listening and more importantly, contributing ideas and comments to the corporation. If leveraged simply, this may be extraordinarily useful to them. Starbucks I think is essentially the most cited example during this regard. They have managed to champion this technique and feature reaped giant merits. Twitter adds a platform for users to send out status updates in upto 140 characters.

This is called as microblogging. So how exactly is a status update intended to be just right for you?Well, these status updates are at first utilized by users to put up the newest events in their lives or simply to inform people what they are upto. Eventually, it turns into a place where they begin placing up links to articles/sites/issues that attention them. This opens the door to a few probabilities. Companies can follow twitter profiles of abilities personnel to find out their pursuits and affiliations and vice versa or use them for connecting with the clients.

Followers are people that choose to “subscribe” on your status updates and in contrast to in facebook, don’t require your permission to do so. Many brands/companies have their very own twitter profiles. They often use these profiles to notify people about a variety of offers and coupon codes, respond to customer inquiries, display screen customer reviews etc. Having said that, twitter isn’t a medium that sellers can decide to make use of in a single day. In order to do this, they might wish to find out conscientiously which dialog to get involved in, and more importantly stay involved in. As my one of my friend says, it can be anything that corporations wish to spend a considerable amount of time and effort in attaining.

I agree, but I would examine it as an investment, and a good one at that. Having hundreds of thousands of fans might not be the best result or the yardstick getting used to measure your success as a marketer using twitter. You wish to have a set of followers who are inquisitive about what you’re saying for it to be really useful to you. Or else, your message could be getting diluted. Interested followers are surely to interact in additional meaningful conversations and result in better comments for you.

Your message would then get re tweeted and spread by your followers on to theirs and so on, therefore achieving a really wide viewers. In a way, your customers are your medium to advertise. And the finest part of this… it’s word of mouth, probably the most depended on medium for most people. During a conversation at lunch with a colleague, she said she is occasionally reluctant to use twitter to update some messages as she doesn’t want all and sundry to receive them. Most messages are ok, but some she would want only a definite group of folks to be sent to.

Twitter doesn’t will let you decide who gets the message and who doesn’t, rather sending it out like a broadcast to all those following you. I couldn’t think of a probable answer to this.