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Mr. Yi Shi who is both CEO and Founder of Avazu Inc on Avazu’s offering as a display advertising company, with a private exchange business and a priority DSP – and why they have chosen to move into China. He discusses the challenges within the Chinese marketplace, how Chinese publishers are accustomed to selling their inventory and ad placements for a fixed price per month or per year. Shi points to localisation as the key reason why western companies typically fail in China. He also describes how the DSP is attracting more and more attention from the Chinese VC and PE industries – and how Avazu hopes to increase their RTB inventory fivefold next year in China.

Forecasts from the International Data Corporation IDC indicate there will be a huge increase in display advertising based on RTB by the year 2015. The growth predictions are, America – 71%, UK – 114%, France – 103%, Germany – 99%. The developing trends of online advertising in the countries above indicate that RTB is increasingly in demand among advertisers, publishers and agencies. And mostly it’s because of the significant advantages of RTB itself. Avazu Germany, Brunei and China , Komli India and Singapore, etc.

are the companies offering RTB technology in China and other Asian countries, excluding Japan.

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