Avazu Mobile CEO Yi Shi on their RTB mobile advertising and performance marketing platforms

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Avazu Mobile is without doubt one of the most excellent players in the mobile commercials market in China and APAC and now expanding globally. They have pioneered methods comparable to Real Time Bidding and mobile functionality advertising and marketing in a number of rising markets and work with one of the crucial world’s prime electronic companies including Rocket Internet. We spoke to the CEO and Founder of Avazu Yi Shi to find out more about Avazu’s mobile activities, the trends they are seeing out there and views on recent newsflow reminiscent of the purchase of Mopub by Twitter. What are Avazu’s main offerings in the mobile space?Avazu’s main offering has always been providing a scalable one stop functionality solution for our advertisers.

On mobile specially Avazu offers a large range of global screen inventories across direct publishers, 3rd party networks, mobile ad exchanges and SSPs for our advertisers, biddable on pay by performance pricing models including CPA, CPI and CPL. What kind of growth rates are you seeing presently in mobile advertisements and what’s developing quickest?We are seeing dramatic growth in mobile gaming and utility apps, and we are also staring at large budgets transferring from online e commerce into mobile e trade. What kind of clients and partners do you work with in mobile?Our customers on mobile range from SME app builders and content providers, to assignment backed firms like Rocket Internet Group and public organisations like NQ Mobile or Baidu. Yi Shi Talking Mobile Real Time Bidding What’s unique about Avazu in mobile in comparison with competition ?Avazu differentiates itself as a one stop global performance monitor brand, our unique promoting points include: Technology: We apply laptop studying algorithms across various company tactics internally, from buying media, to predicting purchaser lifetime value/activeness and even for fraud prevention. Programmatic ads have been applied within Avazu since 2009, we use different applied sciences to predict purchaser value and ROI and maximize ad relevance via personalization applied sciences.

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Our technology driven tradition and method made us unique for brand new product improvements which maximizes our customer’s crusade efficiency and scale. Inventory and Reach: Avazu Mobile works with major mobile ad networks, SSPs and ad exchanges and in addition has a direct network of publishers, the dimensions of our inventory reach is thus considerably larger than most of any other corporations. Risk free Pricing Model: Advertisers customarily have bound goals, which can be a maximum cost for each acqusition or an install on mobile. When beginning a screen campaign although, advertisers always need to take the chance to test different inventories with CPC or CPM to discover the best converting placements and optimize until the crusade reaches it’s objectives. Avazu however offers a risk free pricing, namely allows advertisers to bid instantly on CPA or CPI basis, across large scale amount of inventories coupled with the tip exceptional of display traffic. You also operate in the net market – will you be focusing on apps/ mobile going ahead or continue to provide cross platform facilities?Our online business on PC still makes 60% of our total earnings, for the longer term our strategies will and has always been to make performance commercials work across platforms and instruments.

Team Avazu at their Shanghai Offices What’s your view on the recent acquisition of Mopub by Twitter?The acqusition of Mopub by Twitter is a fascinating step for evolving a more consolidated market. Mobile commercials general has been incredibly fragmented, with a small amount of major players like Google Admob, Facebook Ads, Millenial Jumptap etc. taking up the lion share of the market, an unified TwitterandMopub even though could create an alternative choice for both advertisers and publishers with aggressive choices. I could consider that Twitter could use it’s accrued user data, segmented using different laptop studying algorithms, applied across all Mopub inventories to present DSP’s more signs and tags for bidding on Twitter Mopub’s inventories, which would allure more demand from both the branding and performance world. Twitter could also open up it’s self serve ads platform for MoPub, extending it’s reach across all MoPub publishers to raise it’s eCPM competitiveness in the market.

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Avazu on tour – showing at Chinajoy 2013 Expo What mobile instruments do you use?The best way to begin a coorperation with us is to either fill a contact form on or touch one of our sales guys from Linkedin, people also can contact me instantly on Linkedin under Thanks Yi Shi – It’s really wonderful to see new international competitors creating new innovations, enterprise models and strategies in the mobile ad market and we’re shopping forward to monitoring the progress of Avazu mobile over the next twelve months. You can find Avazu Mobile in our mobile ads directory and Avazu Private Exchange in our mobile affiliate listings.