Avazu is Invited to The First Tencent Programmatic Ad Exchange Partner Summit “Social+Programmatic” Inspires the Industry

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On January 14thlast Thursday, “The First Tencent Programmatic Ad Exchange Partner Summit&Annual Award in 2015” was held in Beijing. Lin Jinghua, the Vice President of Tencent Group, Luo Zheng, the General Manager of Tencent Social Advertising department attended the summit, advertisers and companions from the industry were latest at the summit as well. All of the guests kept optimistic about the disrupting of the programmatic trade market that’s introduced by Tencent Social Advertisement, and explored the latest progress and future advancement about Programmatic Ad Exchange. As Tencent’s future strategic companion, Avazu was invited to the summit Huang Ying, Head of mDSP, and Zhang Yufei, Product andOperation Manager attended this summit personally. In terms of Tencent mobile commercials, the common daily publicity of mobile Qzone newsfeed has been over 300 million.

The common daily publicity of QQ music open screen is 20+ million. The total exposure of Tencent Ad Alliance, including open screen, interstitial, banner and local has been greater than 540 million. Tencent social ads has absolute benefit in programmatic trade with great quantity and high great traffic, and Wechat has comprehensive the traffic from reputable bills in December, 2015. The daily publicity of Tencent programmatic Ad trade has been over 3 billion. By connecting with the biggest traffic platform in China, Tencent Guang Dian Tong, Avazu mDSP is anticipating to take benefit of Tencent social media data, so that you can maximize the site visitors value and get effect that classic commercials can’t.

By showing the entire method of advertisements, the electronic marketing chain is totally transparent. As the New Year has come, Avazu mDSP will not only make great leap forward in era, but additionally build an open and obvious platform for advertisers, bring together and reintegrate the top rate aid and information, and offer beneficial KPI for advertisers by cooperating with Tencent and other internet site visitors systems. What’s more, Avazu mDSP can make customized carrier adapting each specific brand on the basis of advertisers’ freedom of choice, and then build a gentle connection for media and advertisers.

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