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Taskbox: Email overload got you down?I know there are a gaggle of apps available looking to solve this challenge, but for folks who love to turn their inbox into a trying out ground, have a look at Taskbox, the iOS app they are searching for an Android developer that tries to take email — a laptop orientated app — and make it mobile pleasant. The agency’s goal is to ultimately help take the many source of requests for folk’s time and a focus and turn it into a task list where your list items come from voicemails, texts or even Twitter. It sounds daunting, but so is coping with your life across such a lot of platforms. Toopher: Requiring two pieces of counsel, akin to a password as well as a fingerprint scan or a actual bank card and a PIN number, are all good examples of two factor authentication, but translating that level of security to the virtual and mobile world can worsen users.

Toopher adds defense to mobile transactions using location as the second one element in two factor authentication, that may be frustrating if you’re on a sudden trip in a overseas city, but in regular makes for less friction with better defense. The agency raised $2 million last November from Alsop Louie and others.

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