Auralic Aries G Network Streamer/Bridge For Sale US Audio Mart

With the flexibility to attach to the entirety, the intelligence to handle your musical world with a dash, and the flexibility to carry an excellent signal, the ARIES G2 Wireless Streaming Transporter is the most technologically sophisticated, best sounding way to bring high functionality audiophile streaming to your house speakers that we’ve ever created. Whether your digital favorites reside to your local community, USB drives, streaming services like TIDAL and Qobuz, or Internet Radio, the ARIES G2 manages every connection so you can explore all your electronic universe right from our Lightning DS control app and take abilities of points like On Device Playlists, Memory Caching, Gapless Playback and Bit Perfect Multi Room functionality. With a supercharged hardware platform, the ARIES G2 has got the flexibility to build an astonishingly pure, bit ideal stream for music formats up to DSD512 over Wi Fi for truly terrific sound performance. Whether by itself or matched with other G Series gadgets from AURALiC, the ARIES G2 redefines audio connectivity and performance.

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