Article Simple and Free! Ways to Leverage Your Content by A Study By: comScore, iProspect, and Searchandise Commerce

1. Open your slideshow in PowerPoint, choose “Save As” and choose the “PNG” option image format. PP will then convert each slide into a PNG photo. 2. Take those pix and whip them into Windows Movie Maker or a less tacky video application of your choice!.

Make sure they’re all in the accurate order…3. Next, get yourself a glass of water to clear the throat, and test your computer’s microphone settings… I imply downloading a straightforward audio enhancing app like Audacity it’s 100% free and ideal for the job for the recording. This will will let you trim and freshen up your recording. 4. When you’re ready, hit the record button and talk your way through the slideshow. The best approach to take is that of the presenter – simply fake you’re presenting the slideshow to a “real” viewers.

So you needn’t read it word for word, just “float”. This may take a few recordings dependent on how at ease you’re in front of the mic – don’t stress, you’ll get it right!5. Once that recording is waxed, slip it into Windows Movie Maker and time your slides for that reason. This will take a bit fiddling about, but when you’ve figured it out, you’ll fly by way of a higher one.

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