Are You Disclosing Properly? Amy Lynn Andrews

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Do you know what I like about your site and posts?They are bit size. I can put the ideas into action instantly. I read a great post by someone these days with a list of 58 things I need to do when beginning a blog. I bookmarked the link and I try to work via one thing a week. But it feels so overwhelming.

You keep things practical and doable. Thank you!Also, you link to other posts that add to what I am working on or lead me to the next natural step. I can bookmark those links and know that once I have a couple of minutes I can drop by and skim them. It won’t eat up twenty thousand hours of my life. Guess that’s why you wrote an ebook about time management.

Maybe I should read it!AmyHi Amy – thanks for alerting us about the new FTC checklist. Amazon also says in their working agreement for associates: “You must, even though, truly state here on your site: “ is a player in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate commercials program designed to deliver a way for sites to earn commercials fees by advertisements and linking to . ” As I have just gone live on my online page I’m trying to make sure that I’m doing every thing appropriately so your article is very helpful. Actually you’ve been a goddess that I’ve been following to design my siteI really have an issue with having to divulge right before a text link. I have always had what I trust really obvious and moral disclosure statements, but it is certain going to be awkward to must write anything like,I just found a Disclosure….

blah,blah great deal to the zoo on deal site xyz. Normally, the good deal to the zoo part can be a link, and I’d have the disclosure statement at the bottom. I want my readers to know I’m making a couple of pennies literally off their purchases, but I think it’s going to make the writing sooooo awkward. Also, at the chance of sounding like a complete whiner, I haven’t noticed any of the big blogs I follow doing this yet, and we’re talking about gals getting probably 100x the page views I do.