AppsFlyer Releases Latest Edition of The AppsFlyer Performance Index

Chennai: AppsFlyer, the leading global mobile attribution and marketing analytics company, has released the latest edition of The AppsFlyer Performance Index, ranking the top media sources in mobile advertising between January June H1, 2016. The new Index reveals industry changes and new players in the always evolving app marketing landscape, comparing advertising network rankings with positions previously held in the last Index, at the end of 2015. As with preceding editions, The AppsFlyer Performance Index delivers an independent, bird’s eye view of the entire mobile advertising ecosystem by evaluating which media sources have the ability to scale app user growth, deliver strong retention rates and attract the most engaged app users. “As the leading mobile marketing measurement company across the world, we are in a unique position to offer an in depth, unbiased look at how users, publishers, marketers and developers are influencing mobile growth and trends along with showcasing the diversity that exists in the rapidly evolving mobile app ecosystem.

It’s our mission to empower marketers with the best data driven insights to inform their marketing decisions, and The AppsFlyer Performance Index is a manifestation of that mission allowing industry players to peek over the fence, look beyond their own performance data and identify which media sources perform best among their peers and competitors. Thanks to its unmatched scale and strong retention, the social network ranked first place globally in both the Android and iOS power rankings.

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