Apply Push Notifications to Get Cellular Customers

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How to Implement Push Notifications to Obtain Mobile Customer Attention
How to Implement Push Notifications to Obtain Mobile Customer Attention

Apply Push Notifications to Get Cellular Customers

Let’s agree that the world is moving towards cellular. And, as a marketer, you need to recognize this concept while adapting to it.

Let’s agree that the world is moving towards cellular. And, as a marketer, you need to recognize this concept while adapting to it. There is a feature that presents a great opportunity for you to share information, provide updates, and stay in touch with users who download your application. Push notifications, How do you implement this feature to get mobile customer attention? Let’s unload one by one.

Use limited number of words

You must understand the difference between text messages and push notifications clearly. For example, when someone sends you a text message, the opening line of the text will appear on the home screen. When you open the message, you can see the full text.

Meanwhile, when users open push notifications, they will be taken to the application, but the message disappears. If your push notifications are too long, some text might be interrupted, and users will not know what you are saying to them. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to use as few words as possible when compiling your message. Shorter push notifications will be more effective.

Submit personalized content

After knowing the ideal length of the push notification message, then you should know what type of content to send. The answer is personalized and relevant messages.

For example, say your company will hold an event in Yogyakarta. It makes no sense to send that notification to all users throughout the world. It is more realistic if you send the notification to application users who live around Yogyakarta, especially if you offer incentives to them to attend the event.

Do not disturb

Remember, you need to be careful with the push notifications strategy. Sending too many push notifications or irrelevant messages will backfire. This is because users have the option to follow or ignore your message.

If you disturb users, they will only turn off your notifications. In fact, 52% of app users say push notifications are a nuisance. It’s best to prevent this from happening by limiting the number of push notifications you send every week.

As you can see, sending more than two push notifications a week can cause up to 37% of users to disable these messages. More than 30% of users will stop using the application altogether if they receive between six and ten notifications in one week.

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Promote flash sale

Flash sale is a great opportunity to take advantage of push notifications. This type of promotion makes fear disappear, better known as FOMO. Users will think that if they don’t buy something quickly, they will lose a lot of things.

Flash sales can run from a few hours to 24 hours. Make sure you send it at the right time. For example, if the flash sale lasts from 1 pm to 4 pm, send a notification at 1 pm. If you send it too early, people will not be able to take advantage of the offer. It could be skipped and then forgotten.

Send updates on time

Use push notifications to improve the customer experience. If your customers are waiting for certain updates, let them know via push notifications.

Although this type of message does not offer discounts, it still provides value that enhances the user experience.

How to Implement Push Notifications to Obtain Mobile Customer

Understand the difference between Apple and Android

Don’t make all push notifications equally. If you have a mobile application available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you need to know what this notification will look like on the user’s screen.

These statistics explain that iOS users open push notifications 7 times faster than Android users. Why this happened?

When Apple users unlock their phone, push notifications disappear from the screen. But Android users have to delete their notifications manually. If they do not delete the notification manually, they must open it so that it is deleted from the notification screen. That’s why Android users have higher open rates, but Apple users open notifications faster.

Use geofencing technology

Geofencing is related to personalization, where this application uses location-based services to target users.

This is how it works. Say you have several physical store locations. If users download your application, they can get notifications about sales when they are around the store.

When an application user enters one of these geofencing areas, they will receive discount push notifications on their phone. This ensures your push notifications are timely and relevant.