Apply Guerilla Marketing Easy Ways to Do Business

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Apply Guerilla Marketing Easy Ways to Do Business

Apply Guerilla Marketing Easy Ways to Do Business

No business doesn’t need marketing. Whether you realize it or not, every transaction that occurs between you and the customer begins with marketing activities. Well, in the business world there are many marketing strategies. One that is quite popular is guerilla marketing.

Guerilla marketing or its nickname is guerrilla marketing, which is a low-cost and unconventional marketing strategy. This strategy is interesting because it can be used by companies that are just starting a business. So that, in the future, they can compete with large companies.

The concept of guerilla marketing relies on creativity and imagination. Instead of spending a lot of money, it takes time and energy effectively. The goal is to get the fanfare so people will talk about your business.

Therefore, you need to make the concept attractive, interactive, and informative. If you want to find out more, you can read the article below about guerilla marketing strategies for your business.

1. Reach Community

You can reach a community that fits your business product or service. Try searching on social media. When you can achieve it, understand and learn what the community wants.

2. Think Outside of The Box

Because of its low cost, you are prompted to think differently from others. You are doing a sales pitch. However, competitors will not think that what you are doing is a form of promotion.

Why is that? Because guerilla marketing is characterized by being flexible and always following changes. So, you need to be good at reading trends such as music, humor, or social dynamics.

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3. Use Flash Mob

One of the most unique things in guerilla marketing is the presence of a flash mob. Usually, when you do a flash mob it will be able to attract a lot of visitors. This is because flash mobs are presented not only on shop walls but also in cars or even on the road.

Prepare the flash mob as best you can. To reach customers, you need to integrate into social media like Youtube or Instagram.

4. Easier Transactions

What do customers want the most? Of course free entertainment. Whatever the shape. You can hold a free seminar or consultation. When you do that, you can promote your business with a practical and efficient payment method.

5. Update with Recent Changes

As explained earlier that in guerilla marketing, you need to follow and understand the latest trends. The easiest way is to pay attention to social media. Find out what tastes the market was developing at that time. After that, you can think of the right idea and determine the time to execute it.

6. Respond with Criticism and Suggestions

Nowadays, everyone, and possibly including your customers, is paying attention to social media too. When you have uploaded a business product to social media, you must be prepared to receive criticism and suggestions from them. It can happen in the comments column or a private message.

So, what you need to do is respond with a prompt and precise response. Customers prefer and appreciate it when business people can respond quickly. This means that the maximum service is performed.

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Guerilla marketing is a marketing strategy that you can apply. This is because many companies in the world, including in Indonesia, have practiced this strategy. What you need to do now is courage and accuracy in implementing guerilla marketing.

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