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The dominance of the massive two is broken by video player iQiYi, e trade platform Pinduoduo, and social/e commerce platform Xiaohongshu – in addition to ByteDance’s TikTok. Interestingly, all apps not owned by Tencent or Alibaba featured in the top 10 most downloaded apps in China in 2018 have climbed up the table. Xiaohongshu climbed a fantastic 45 positions to reach 10th place, and TikTok climbed 25 positions – though this can be defined a bit of by its newness out there. While iQiYi and Pinduoduo have climbed less considerably, they were already in the end 10; their small enhancements in rank see a top three in which neither Tencent or Alibaba characteristic though it’s hardly time to begin the tolling of bells – saturation certainly can have played its part.

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