An Introduction to the Customer Journey Vertical Measures, An Investis Digital Company

When the Vertical Measures team came up with the concept for our new book, we knew we wanted to tell a single story that’s easily relatable, and that would allow our readers dealers to put themselves in the shoes of our protagonist and example businesses. No more jumbled timelines or puzzles to put together. We’re telling one story – from start to finish – about a marketer looking to go back to college and improve her career to become Chief Marketing Officer CMO of a advertising and marketing agency. We will follow her from starting to end as she researches her schooling alternatives and eventually has two universities competing for her enrollment. John Bertino, founding father of The Agency Guy, Inc.

believes content gaps are easily identified by se’s, “Google and other search engines want not anything more than to serve up results that fully and completely answer user search queries. There is arguably no better way for sellers to achieve this than by being crystal clear about what our a whole lot of viewers personas are considering and asking about during each stage of the customer’s adventure. Effectively answering those queries by getting the proper content in front of the right personality at the right time is basically the holy grail of SEO.

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