Amobee Ad Network Review and Updated Publishers Requirements

A bit extra down that same page, the key phrase phrase “portfolio control” is monetized. Hovering over this double underlined link shows an ad for Charles Schwab’s buying and selling amenities product not an unreasonable match if viewing that single phrase in a vacuum. But when one considers the context of “portfolio management” during this particular article indicates a very various definition from “wealth control” or “asset management”, there’s a disconnect among the key phrase and the resulting advertisement in this case. I highlight this example if you want to make the argument that Amobee’s monetization set of rules has to be very simplistic in that it doesn’t take an entire page’s content into attention when choosing where and the way to monetize sure keywords, but rather it kind of feels to pick and choose key phrases at random, without a attention for the context of the whole page.

Bewildered at the indication that I might need to wait another 48 hours after already waiting four days to see my site monetized, I then again clicked re load on my site and to my delight, the Amobee ads were ultimately displaying, four days after first pasting in the ad code. There may not be an alternative large scale exhibit ad network available that requires a four day wait time and an email to tech assist to get ads to begin displaying. Google AdSense takes maybe an hour; Media. net takes but a couple of minutes; Infolinks takes a minute or two. In this point in time of instant monetization, asking your publishers to wait up to 24 hours and this can really mean four days in my event is a tough sell.

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