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n. d. . Retrieved from We’ve retained Victoria Strauss’ common links to her proposed proofs and/or evidence of this “one” investigation i. e.

“single grievance”. Note that these purported proofs will direct you to blog postings which are no longer accessible on the Internet that have been preserved on the Internet archive . . . The Wayback Machine. We’ve reproduced the postings below for your edification below and our postings from the local law enforcement agency in this matter.

Strauss doesn’t demonstrate using fundamental source cloth to validate this criticism. Attaching a blog posting from a disgruntled author, while it could lead to primary source fabric, is not proof that a real investigation ever occurred. Therefore, the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur doesn’t apply to this pitiable attachment. Scalzi, in his departure discourses, has stated the following: 1 that he’s “extremely joyful and honored to fellow technology fiction and fable writers; 2 that he “had a hell of numerous fun” and 3 that he “posted three novels during tenure” as President of the SFWA. These are pretty lame statements to be making while exiting an organization. Exactly how did Scalzi serve the participants?Sure, on an author’s salary, getting free meal tickets at the cost of dues paying individuals can in reality be “a hell of a lot of fun.

” In addition, the audacity of Scalzi to even mention the publication of three new books when, if truth be told, there were late compliance issues and tax filings that required more attention for the SFWA. So, either it takes little or no effort to in reality write a Scalzi book or Scalzi’s presidency was more similar to the half hypnotized, “do nothing” Peter Gibbons in the movie Office Space. Scalzi’s blog, entitled Whatever, sincerely seems to aid the notion of his lackluster functionality as President and how he approached the everyday company of the SFWA. Moreover, it seems that Scalzi is more likely a man of words . .

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. not a man of action. Author Jim Hines hinted that this post has its challenges . . . it can be that Scalzi is just burned out.

Note: He lately took a cruise together with his wife and committed not to be on the Internet for 10+ days . . . sound like a burn out?Beale also has been crucial of Scalzi’s authorship and of the SFWA:Most outgoing officers of companies will tout their personal accomplishments and successes. “No Balls” Scalzi’s discourse seems to be devoid of delineating any accomplishments. Moreover, it appears that his term in office was not anything more than a self serving, self indulgent and self merchandising chance.

Seriously, what did “No Balls” Scalzi accomplish?His dialog almost seems analogous to SFWA member Robin Wayne Bailey, who stated: “I do it for power and recognition. It’s all in regards to the power. And the popularity. Really. It was about fame, fortune and free sex. ” Yes, here is the face of your present SFWA.

Let’s revisit one of the vital voting results which led to inserting Scalzi in the position of President of the SFWA. The SFWA claims to have a membership of 1800. During the 2010 elections, only 305 ballots were obtained 16%. 44 ballots were discarded due to SFWA procedural necessities; leaving 261 certified ballots 14%. President, John Scalzi obtained merely 208 votes. Therefore, about 11% of all the membership voted Scalzi into office.

Treasurer Amy Casil Sterling was elected with 151 votes 8% of the entire membership. Comparatively, countrywide voter turnout in federal elections has been as high as 56. 8% in recent times. What was the explanation for this dismal voting conduct?Was it due to disenchantment or indifference?Pointing her Facebook chums to a blog posting by the always over reactive Jim Hines, Victoria Strauss has now has launched her own hate and a “Get Out the Vote” Campaign against Theodore Beale. Strauss stated: “My cat may be the better option.

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And my cat is dead. ” Speaking of “dead cats,” let’s not forget that it was Strauss and Ann “A. C. Petit scandal visited on the John Steinbeck Estate. Petit was one of their own, as is Beale, and was at one time the attorney for the SFWA . .

. earlier than being disbarred. The mere incontrovertible fact that Strauss has come out swinging towards Beale and not Petit appears to imply that Beale’s candidacy is something more than an idle fear to her . . .

It’s interesting to watch Strauss and Company treat their own individuals as vermin and with an analogous disrespect for the “trolls” on the Absolute Water Cooler forum. Also See: American Book Publishing “Investigation” Research Released: No Proof of Victoria Strauss’ Claims.