Amazon’s Social Media Marketing Strategy To Inspire Buyers

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Customers get to know their favorite sellers and engage with them. They also get to know their favorite reviewers and trust their opinions, star ratings, and recommendations. To make product reviews even more useful to customers, Amazon also enables community moderation by encouraging customers to vote on the usefulness and relevance of each review that’s left, and shoppers can even post follow up questions directly to the reviewer. And of course, the Amazon algorithm is in a constant state of up sell ‘Customers who viewed/bought this item also viewed/bought that item’, buyers are notified at practically every turn.

When someone asks a question, Amazon answers it. If someone expresses a frustration, a response is quick and helpful. And Amazon also creates and contributes to conversations, which is imperative for brand success on social media. Indeed, in keeping with the social aspect of Amazon’s social media efforts, customers with Facebook connected accounts will see product reviews written by their Facebook connections appear in their feeds, as well as products their connections have put on their Amazon Wish Lists so you know what you can buy them for their next birthday directly from Amazon, of course.

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