Amazon Affiliate Success with HubPages Begin Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Associate Program HubPages

First thing it’s important to prepare your hub titles ‘correctly’. Google LOVES titles. Basically you ought to believe how/what you could possibly type in Google if you wanted to locate anything about the content you are about to put in writing. For an instance take my hub “Top 5 Best Real Time Strategy Games Games Like Age of Empires”.

You will see that here is not likely a creative or a lovely title. But it is ranked number ONE on Google if you search for ‘best real time approach games’. And that can be what most folks may be typing in Google if they desired to discover the good real time strategy games available. This hub alone makes 1,000+ views per day. Some less successful hubs generate around 200 views per day. And do not be concerned I do have hubs that make even 0 views per seven days.

Use the Title Turner on such blogs and test. If you will need more real advice contact me via email.

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