Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites: The Definitive Guide

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Most of the novices don’t keep in mind the abilities of niche sites. In 2016, I would say, stop considering small, think of bigger niche sites that will generate at the least 5 figures per thirty days within two years. Amazon niche site income isn’t limited to $500 or $1000 a month. I have these days observed an Amazon niche site at the side of an AdSense site combo is worth $1. 2 Million on EmpireFlippers!I repeat, $1.

2 Million!It in actual fact shows that some retailers are making tens of millions of dollars using Amazon niche site model. How to begin such a big site?Well, start with a narrow topic and expand your vertical as your site grows. Publish a large number of fresh content material on a regular basis. Target more keywords, and solve more issues of your audiences. Title: Need Skilled Web Content Writers at $10/1,000 WordsI will give you one topic to write about 500 words for $5 in one niche. If I am happy with your work, you’re going to get a whole bunch extra work.

This can be a long term writing job and a chance to get many 5 reviews. Preferably, you’re required to: Be a local english speaker. Be in a position to do a throughout research of both products and topics. Have prior event in writing for Amazon focused niche sites. Feel free to ask me if you have any confusion or need more particulars. Small sites tend not to put money into content material and link building, larger sites do.

In terms of content, most of the bigger Amazon affiliate sites we sell at FE International have as a minimum 100,000 words of content material and have strong link profiles that are not reliant on just one sort of link comparable to a PBN. These online page owners also know the will for high pleasant content material that is unique, has no spelling/grammar errors and is formatted properly. Taking the time to ensure all content material is high satisfactory and constantly making an investment in content material and link constructing are the keys to scaling effectively.

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