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2. Crimson Hexagon is a maker of social intelligence software. The class is crowded and it’s not a well understood category, which adds to the marketing problem. They market to advertising and marketing administrators and vice presidents.

Through a series of white papers, industry case studies, blog posts, and webinars, their sales funnel continues to receive excellent input that contributes to their company targets. You’ll notice that their blog content analyzes current events through social media and displays the insights discovered using their social evaluation application product. Bernie Borges of Find and Convert and author of Marketing 2. 0. When I recall to mind great content, I think in terms of how well does it strengthen your brand while it drives lead generation and sales.

Here are three examples that stand out and can be replicated by other businesses. 5. Ford’s Facebook Page. I love Ford’s cover picture. It encompasses every thing that good content material should do.

It’s branded by incorporating Ford’s employees. Even better, they’ve got plastic on the grass to protect it. Additionally, Ford has created Throwback Thursdays to use retro photographs from their documents and on Fridays, Ford gets consumers to share their photographs adding Ford merchandise of their Featured Fan Photograph. How are you able to leverage content from your firm’s files and how can you get your customers concerned in content creation?The beauty of this information is that it draws interplay and engagement. Also, it doesn’t require a ton of content introduction or overhead. As for dealers in other walks of life, I keep my eye on my prospects’ competitors.

One of my clients is in the talent recruitment space, so thanks to Google Alerts, I’ve found theundercoverrecruiter. com. I ought to say, this agency gets it. They have obviously ID’d the loads of personas they target, recruited sorry top notch talent, and ceaselessly provide every imaginable type of useful content material. Above all, they do great email.

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If you don’t do great email, you’re not in the large leagues. Barry Feldman, author of The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing, a free e book. Two of my preferred content advertising and marketing examples?Currently my two very favorite examples of doing content material advertising right are:14. My Froggy Stuff, for all things creative, inventive, and just plain mind boggling for doll lovers. They create completely mind blowing “how to” craft videos for doll lovers and even when you don’t love dolls, you will love these jaw dropping videos. The agency has a blog and Etsy store so if your crafting skills aren’t up to snuff, that you could buy the creations on-line.

My froggy stuff has a cult following of crafters young and old and the most inspiring thing about her advertising and marketing is that there’s not anything about creation of crafts or content material itself video, blog, images that can’t be done by the common person. 19. I think one of the crucial exceptional examples of content advertising is from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, which uses content to attract and interact every approved pilot and plane owner, in order to sell them memberships, functions, and items. Probably the main prominent example of here is the affiliation’s safety content material, which is available to all pilots, despite no matter if they are association participants or not. Over the last 5 years, AOPA has assembled dozens of online classes, quizzes, and case reports which are accessed on an everyday basis by a substantial percent of the 600,000 licensed pilots in the US see screen shots.

AOPA uses this content — which in many cases calls for registration — to gather data it is more present and detailed than what comes in federal pilot registration databases. More importantly, it helps identify pilots who are active and wanting to learn — prime goals for affiliation membership. Perhaps most impressively of all, the content material in many cases gets paid for by sponsors — a virtuous circle that may be the envy of each content material marketer!Michael Kolowich – KnowledgeVisionWhy it’s great: The Dollar Shave Club video is not just funny and appeals to a wide viewers, but it is sharable. It also communicates all the necessary data in a brief time and makes the decision to register anything that seems to don’t have any bad side results. The video is written absolutely about the product without coming off too critical or stereotypically “salesy” and empowers the watcher with humor and light-weight heartedness ultimately making for one astounding piece of content material. Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures and author of Accelerate.

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28. One task that really opened my eyes and helped me in how I approach content advertising tasks is Completely London by one of London’s finest estate agencies Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward. At the beginning of the worst real estate crisis in our memory, in 2009, the agency wanted a communications car that might help to construct and consolidate their positioning in the UK’s capital. They hired August Media, a content material marketing agency – August Media wanted to make sure the answer was not simply a wrapper for countless belongings ads. Equally they wanted to keep it fresh and therefore constructed a solution centered around a clear theme each quarter – diverse award winning Completely London print custom journal. The e-book avoids the usual property listings formulation, historically employed by estate agents, and as an alternative, talks to Londoners about London.

It’s been bringing truly awe inspiring effects and it is a firm basis for their other channels added later – social media, a blog… See more: Nenad Senic, Disput. si.