“Amanda” Wins Tokyo Grand Prix at st Tokyo International Film Festival

Competition sectionTokyo Grand Prix: “Amanda” directed by Mikhael HersSpecial Jury Prize: “Before the Frost” directed by Michael NoerAward for Best Director: Edoardo De Angelis “The Vice of Hope”Award for Best Actress: Pina Turco “The Vice of Hope”Award for Best Actor: Jesper Christensen “Before the Frost”Award for Best Artistic Contribution: “The White Crow” directed by Ralph FiennesAward for Best Screenplay by WOWOW: “Amanda” co written by Maud Ameline and director Mikhael HersAudience Award: “Another World” directed by Junji SakamotoJury President Brillante Ma Mendoza commented that “Amanda” is “a doubtless simple, but not simple film” and “a narrative of complicated human feelings. ” Mendoza then shared his emotions on the pageant general: “We the jury had such a great time in combination. The past few days, it was quite challenging to decide on the winners as a result of the vast diversity of the flicks. ” He added thanks to those behind the scenes, like assistant directors, creation managers and more, as well as TIFF’s volunteer staff for his or her “kindness, hospitality and warmth.

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