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11 Pricing Model – I always choose CPM. Back in days, CPC wasn’t available. But the reason is that the system works with CPM. When you mace creative with CPC bid, it will try to check CPM value and repeatedly if we assume, that your CTR will change. So, I’m pretty sure that creative with CPM model gets more views that its clone with CPC model because the system should count CTR risks in CPM calculation.

For the CIS region, I set up an initial bid as 0. 5 rubles, for RU 0. 9 rubles. In the end, I set up a bid for prime creatives as 1. 2 rubles it’s greedy.

I take note, that during this case, I can increase the bid on a half. What to write in the description, headline and tags – use google keyword research tool + examine your competitors. ” – and google translate if I’m growing compilation with non English clips. In description that you could point out streamers nicname, slot, casino and ammount of win – this is helpfull for viewer + additional keywords. In tags well-nigh the same + typical keywords “huge wins in online casino”, “biggest wins in slots”, etc. In best case, remember to do different channels for various languages.

Pros of this technique: you don’t need a camera, micro, the rest. You’ll gather a gambling viewers. Cons: it’ll take numerous time to get first deposits, traffic is very cold. First of all free traffic is not free. It always costs you as a minimum time, but more often money to boot.

The second – you could have a passive income if you figure with a income share model, but it will be stable only on a big amount of gamers. Plus it takes a while to grow enough. The third – I strongly put forward revenue share, as a result of in this version it doesn’t matter how much is FTD first time deposit, or other KPIs second deposit for ex. – you share profit and risk, so you wouldn’t be in a condition when yours payout may be canceled and your affiliate account can be banned.