Alternative PPC Ad Networks for Low Cost Marketing

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This post lists down the a lot of choice ad networks and their unique services, so one can help you find additional ways to grow your PPC money owed. You may have heard of those commercials networks referred to as second or third tier se’s, but these terms can be deceiving for two reasons. First, it makes it appear like site visitors from these sites is of a lower high-quality which is not the case. These advertisers can generate many quality leads at a less expensive cost.

Second, many of these advertisers aren’t se’s at all. They may show ads in search consequences but a lot of these sites have contextual networks where ads gather most of their impressions. So let’s confer with this group of websites as alternative advertisements networks. These alternative advertising networks supplement Google to drive more great traffic and results in your site. Operating since 2008, BuySellAds is by far one of the biggest networks that you may use to conveniently disseminate your banner ads around the web. According to BuySellAds team, they have got a huge turnabout, promoting over 6 billion ad impressions each month.

It’s a very handy marketplace with obvious methods, which adds a good selection of high nice sites. BuySellAds offers advertisers a mix of demonstrate ads, media buys, sponsored content material and custom unit opportunities. It also boasts 2 billion assured ad impressions a month, working with 1,500+ favorite publishers just like the Atlantic, NPR and PBS.

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