All you need to know about impression based advertising AdSigner

However, the actual performance of show marketing is not measurable by the number of impressions, but rather based on the actual visibility of the impact i. e. viewed impressions and the ensuing individual’s recreation CPA, which now and again results in a last conversion. Ever since the ad impressions began to be measured, i.

e. served impressions, the advertising metrics has increasingly been leaning towards the defining and counting of viewable impressions. The Media Rating Council defined the viewable effect as: ”… at least 50% of the pixels in the commercial that were in an in focus tab on the viewable space of the browser page for as a minimum one continuous second. “There are a couple of reasons why many ads are never shown. On the only hand, the skilful mental virtue of online patrons, which is called ad blindness, plays a vital role in this.

According to Search Engine Land, as many as 70–80% of web users simply ignore the ad content in search results. On any other hand, there also are technical aspects to be taken into account when it involves ad impressions. MonetizeMore reports that as many as 76% of the studied non viewable yet displayed ads never really gave the impression in the user’s visual view. As many as 24% of non viewable yet displayed ads were scrolled off screen or closed in below two seconds.

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