All About Branding You Need to Know

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All About Branding You Need to Know

All About Branding You Need to Know

All About Branding You Need to Know

Branding comes from the word brand which in Indonesian means brand. However, the word brand and branding have different meanings in their use. Branding refers more to the communication activities carried out by a company to build, grow, and make a brand more famous.

Definition According to Experts

In his book entitled Marketing Management, Philip Kotler explains that branding is the giving of names, terms, signs, symbols, designs, or combinations of these, which are made to identify goods, services, or groups of sellers, and to differentiate from goods or services competitor.

While Robin Landa in his book Designing Brand Experiences explains that the definition of branding is not just a brand or trade name of a product, service, or company. But everything related to the tangible things of a brand; ranging from trade names, logos, visual features, images, credibility, character, impressions, perceptions, and assumptions in the minds of consumers of the company.

The Elements in Branding

The most important element of a brand is a trade name or brand. However, trade names alone are not enough. A brand needs to be supported by visual symbols or symbols so that the marketing communication of a brand can be more easily recognized and remembered by consumers.

Here are the elements that are usually contained in branding:

  • Brand name
  • Logo: logotype, monogram, flag
  • Visual appearance: packaging design, product design, uniform design, building design, vehicle design, and so on.
  • Spokesperson: co-founder, corporate figure, public figure, mascot.
  • Words: acronyms, nicknames, slogans, taglines.
  • Sound: song, sound/tone icon, thematic song

Types of Branding

In practice, branding has several types, namely:

  • Product branding: this type of branding is the most commonly encountered. A product or brand is said to be successful if it can encourage consumers to choose the product or brand over competing products.
  • Personal branding: this is a marketing tool that is popular among public figures such as politicians, celebrities, and so on. Personal branding is usually used to build a positive image of the character or so that people have a certain view of the character.
  • Corporate branding: this is usually used to build a company’s reputation in the market covering all aspects of the company, from the products or services offered to the contribution of the company’s employees to the community.
  • Geographic branding: usually used to bring up a picture or identification of a product or service when someone mentions the name of a particular area.
  • Cultural branding: usually used to develop a reputation related to the environment and people from certain regions or nationalities

Function and Purpose of Branding

In general, the function of branding is to embed images and images in the minds of consumers. It is intended that consumers always remember the brand for a long time. The impact can be felt when consumers in the process of weighing when going to buy a product, brands that carry potential branding are always included in the list of considerations.

While the purpose of doing branding in general, namely; form perception, build trust, and build attachment to brands.

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