Airpush Mobile Ad Network Review and Updates For Developers

Airpush offers competitive monetization strategies for mobile app developers and publishers browsing to squeeze more income. In addition to common and traditional show ad units, Airpush offers monetization via video ads, sophisticated overlays, rich media, and push notifications that appear in the notification slide down trays on Android contraptions. Although these more aggressive monetization options may be off putting to a lot of users, Airpush is able to boast high eCPMs. But, believe that these units can achieve 10 times the earnings that banners alone do, in response to AirPush. Icon ads are subsidized shortcut icons that are placed on Android device homescreens.

SmartWall monetization is engineered to immediately display the surest kind of ad format out of wealthy media, dialog, video, and AppWall, based on performance and existing community connection type. As far as targeting is concerned for push ads, there are options to delay the exhibit of the 1st ad for a certain number of days; you can also opt to show ads to all users or only to users who were inactive for a particular number of days. There also is an option to limit the variety of ads that every user sees in one day. There also is one concentrated on option for icon ads, which gives you the ability to throttle the number of icon ads each user sees every month.

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