Air Purifiers and Coronavirus: Let’s clear the air

However, to be effective, UV light rays should have a direct line of sight to the virus particle and for enough time. Given their fairly small size, air purifiers must pull a lot of airflow by means of an efficient filter so as to clean a complete space. Thus, the amount of time between air entering and exiting the unit is terribly short. To further complicate concerns, it is easily documented that the Coronavirus is especially robust by its length of survival time on a whole lot of surfaces.

Will UV kill viruses?Yes, but to a far lesser degree of effectiveness than green HEPA filtration and entire room airflow. We could offer this but have not begun to find the stability among effectiveness and price. @Jill R, Thank you for your query. The physics of HEPA fiber fabric properties to attract debris as referenced in the object apply similarly to vacuum bags. Otherwise, a vacuum cleaner does not be in a position to gain enough airflow for suction to work correctly.

Vacuum bag company’s published specifications vary widely vs the air purifier industry because the focus is primarily on dust and mud elimination. In common, we might say that vacuum bag cloth in a mask offers sophisticated filtration to a cotton mask while less effective than filter material used in air purifiers. All of this is dependent on how well the filter is sealed around the edges of facial touch which are difficult to achieve with one size fits all masks. @Barbara Bopp, Thanks in your considerate query. For greatest private protection while replacing an entire Alen filter at the tip of its carrier life, use gloves and a mask if you need to pull the filter from the unit, put it into a trash bag, and tie the pinnacle. Particles caught in the filter are held securely by HEPA fibers unless the filter is vigorously shaken or dropped.

For occasional cleansing of the prefilter, it is better to use gloves to drag it off and dispose it—again in a trash bag while replacing with a new one. In very dusty or high pet dander/fur circumstances, you can also wear gloves and vacuum the prefilter in place cautiously with a broom attachment. So, HEPA filters aren’t an ideal answer to protecting us in opposition t viruses, but it is still worth purchasing a HEPA system as it does offer some level of protection. That’s good, although, some techniques come with UV lamps in front of a HEPA filter, and these lamps do kill micro organism, viruses and fungi. However, to be fully effective, the UV light must shine quickly on the pathogen for a minimum amount of time, and if the sunshine is blocked in some way, it won’t kill the pathogens, so, like a HEPA filters, it’s not an ideal answer.

Still, using an air purifier that uses UV lights and a HEPA filter would appear to be an improved alternative than just using a HEPA sfilter alone. I wished you would have covered a dialogue of UV lights and HEPA filters and how they might work together to deliver us with better protection. @Timothy Aiken, Thank you in your comments. We really do respect the gravity of your considerations. Our President, Andy Graham, has emailed you quickly with a close response.

In short, we elected to say what we trust is truthful and valuable in light of a declared National Emergency and pressing nervousness over the subject. Independent test data shows that True HEPA filtration will trap viruses at the Coronavirus size but not at a predictable level across various airflows. This is why we are operating on a better grade filter that can be more predictably efficient in the coming months. The FDA doesn’t currently modify moveable air purifiers as a result of they aren’t categorized as scientific instruments and industrywide criteria haven’t been followed. In light of that, we chose to put up the most targeted data possible in line with a wave of advertising by our competition and an outpouring of questions from clients—to supply a voice of reason and warning in an uncertain time. Thank you for being an Alen purchaser and for holding us to the highest usual of ethics for a brand committed to wellness.

@Judith Walker, Thanks a great deal on your comment. We sell Prefilter multipacks for clients with considerations identical to yours. Click the link below and make sure to select the accurate prefilters to your cleanser, as sizes vary. When it involves cleansing prefilters, we suggest customers to vacuum their prefilter in place since casting off it can release dust, as you noted. However, if you consider an individual in your household is sick, we suggest people to avoid touching filters or prefilters as a result of viruses can remain infectious for up to three days on surfaces.