Aida is a powerful marketing strategy to increase sales, this is the explanation!

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Aida is a powerful marketing strategy to increase sales, this is the explanation!

Aida is a powerful marketing strategy to increase sales this is the explanation

Basically, Aida is one of the formulas that you can make a benchmark when you want to market a product. The formula in it will guide every businessman and marketers in increasing sales, ranging from attracting the attention of prospective customers, to invite the prospective customers to buy products.

So, what is the actual Aida itself? How is the formula and how to apply it in a business?

Well, on this occasion we will discuss more about Aida in a marketing strategy to increase your sales.

Aida’s understanding is

So, basically Aida is one of the marketing strategies that can identify each cognitive stage experienced by someone in processing purchases for a product and also service. This marketing strategy will explain how the buyer with a process that has consisted of several stages before in the end they make a purchase.

Reporting from The Balance Careers, Elias St. Elmo Lowis as a person in the world of advertising and also sales from the United States, is the person who first carried out this approach.

In 1899, Lewis talked about how to attract public attention when providing information, to turn them into customers. Furthermore, in 1909 it was developed and became a strategy of attracting attention, arousing interest, persuasive, and convincing every prospective customer.

It is almost the same as the Aida marketing strategy which is currently widely used throughout the country.

The actual extension of Aida is awareness or attraction, interest or interest, desire or desire, and also an action or action. So, how do I run this marketing strategy? The following is the explanation.

How to run aida marketing strategy is

After we know together about the basic understanding of Aida Marketing, we already know that in Aida Marketing there are four main elements that must be truly understood. As a businessman, you can easily implement this understanding in the marketing process of products to be promoted.

So if you are more jelly, then Aida is actually one of the marketing concepts that already exists in a marketing concept, because the concept of Aida itself is not a new thing.

In a variety of conventional marketing concepts, we can note how the concept of Aida has been repeatedly modified by implementing or carrying out various combinations of modern marketing strategies.

From there, we can see that Aida’s strategy is able to provide success in selling a product of goods or services.

If you have used professional marketing services, marketing agents, or advertising services in promoting your product, there you will see how they have implemented this AIDA concept in various marketing strategies for their clients.

For this reason, it is very important for us to learn and also practice this Aida Marketing concept in a business. Because this marketing strategy will also save your marketing expenses if done well. Well, here is how:

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1. Awareness.

When you run the Aida marketing strategy, the first thing you should pay attention to is to seek attention from every prospective consumer. The aim is of course so that every prospective consumer or market you know the product you sell. For this reason, the first step the way you have to do is to look for their attention.

You can use various ways to get consumer attention, for example in digital times like today, you can use influencer or celebrity services to introduce your product or brand.

For conventional advertising, you can also use ads on radio, distributing brochures, or advertising banners or billboards.

2. Interest.

After you provide education or information related to your product on your customers or prospective customers, then the next step you have to do is analyze the level of success of the information that you have spread beforehand. The indicator that you can use is to pay attention to the interest or market interest.

Well, in the concept of Aida’s marketing strategy, as a businessman or marketer, you must have the ability to make every prospective consumer you are interested in your product or brand. The trick is to run a more focused strategy in highlighting your product excellence or brand.

But, the thing that must always be remembered is when you focus on highlighting the advantages of your product or brand, you should not be excessive, because your goals are your own prospective customers. For this reason, focus on highlighting products that are capable of providing solutions or willingness of your prospective customers.

3. Desire.

In this stage, at least you have held a great opportunity to bring your customers to buy your product. However, you still may not use the type of marketing strategy in general that directly offers the product to have a compulsion impression.

So, you must still use a marketing strategy that focuses on the needs of each of your prospective customers. Make sure your customers’ prospective products you sell. Do also various marketing strategies that not only make your customers curious to your product, but also make them want to use your product.

For this reason, it is important for you to be able to use the language style that gives the impression of your product indeed the product is in accordance with your target market needs. So, prospective consumers will take a purchase action.

4. Action

In this final step, you can get your customers directly. For this reason, in this case you must maintain the quality of the product and provide a promise that suits your initial promotion.

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In addition, this stage can also be used as a trial stage on a product. Therefore, this stage will determine whether your customer will first become a permanent customer or just a buyer who then does not want to make a purchase anymore.

But, regardless of whether you can make your customers become a permanent customer or not, at the last stage of Aida this will prove that three previous stages are successful or not.

Well, if you still haven’t received a fixed customer, then you must immediately re-evaluate from the initial stage to the final stage. It is very important to do to renew your knowledge on the market.

Weakness of Aida Marketing

The main deficiency of this Aida marketing strategy when compared to marketing funnel marketing strategies and other hierarchical marketing strategies is not paying attention to post-purchase effects. In this case, the meaning of post-purchase effects is customer satisfaction, repetitive purchases, provides recommendations for others or provide certain testimonials.

In addition, this linear marketing strategy also has a close dependency in the hierarchical sequence. In an empirical study it is explained that marketing strategies like this are the worst marketing strategy to predict consumer behavior or customers.

Aida Marketing variant

To be able to cover and improve aida marketing deficiency, there are several modifications or expand the Aida Marketing model. Some of them are adding post-purchase stages, while other variants present other adaptations made to accommodate the latest media roles, digital, interactive, including social media and brand communities.

The following are other variants of Aida Marketing:

  • Hierarchy of Effects: Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction, Purchase
  • McGuire’s Model: Presentation, Attention, Comprehension, Yielding, Retention, Behavior.
  • Modified Aida Model: Awareness, Interest, Conviction, Desire, Action (Purchase or Consumption)
  • Aidas Model: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction
  • AISDALSLOVE Model: Awareness, Interest, Search, Desire, Action, LIKE / DISLIKE, SHARE, Love / Hate


Thus our discussion this time about Aida Marketing. Some things that must be underlined in doing aida marketing strategies are to be friendly to the changes that occur, where today there are many people who start using the internet as their marketing media. So that business or business can bring greater profits than conventional marketing methods.

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