Agile is the Project Management method that focuses on the user

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Agile is the Project Management method that focuses on the user

Agile is the Project Management method that focuses on the user

In the article before, we have discussed completely Scrum and a little about Agile Project Management, which Agile is a popular framework from Scrum used other than Kanban.

In the article, we have explained that many rituals must be lived when they want to use Chrome but it does not give an understanding of what Agile itself is.

For this reason, in this article, we hope to provide a clear picture or understanding of the end in all circles including those who do not have experience in developing software though.

Understanding agile is

So, Agile is a way of developing software with a variety of small processes that are repeated or often called iterations.

In contrast to the waterfall methodology which we must have linear grooves from the beginning to the end that cannot be cut or changed in the middle of the process. Well, the principle of agile itself is flexibility in every change.

Agile was first used in Japanese companies, namely Toyota’s company in the late 70s which in that year the production of cars implemented a waterfall system.

So, the end is not purely owned by a company engaged in the field of software development but Toyota implemented that way in that year, they brought Edward Beming to train hundreds of Toyota company managers.

Edward Deming is one enzyme that perfects the Cycle of Do Study Act or PDSA.

Agile Manifesto.

Finally having a manifesto as we wrote above. The Agile method will prioritize individuals and also interactions rather than processes and tools. The software will continue to be done and compared to more comprehensive documentation Collaboration with customers will also be compared with contract negotiations and must remain sensitive to the many changes compared to various plans.

Even so, this method does not necessarily put aside all on the right than Manifesto. However, it will still be faced with all the conditions that win must choose one or two then the selected is the left side.

The main goal of Agile Development

The following are some of the objectives of Agile Development that we can share 7 parts, namely:

1. High Value and Working App System

The first objective of Agile Development is to produce software or software with a high selling value and also to reduce the cost of making. Besides that, the most important thing is to produce the best quality products.

2. Iterative, Instrumental, Evolutionary

Agile is a model of development that is done iteratively, continuously, and can experience changes if needed. In addition, this method is also quite flexible and services are used on a development project within a short period.

3. High-Quality Production

The quality of a software product or software must be maintained well even though the costs and also the required time are quite small.

4. Flexible and Risk Management

In this case, we provide a meeting with clients who can be done at any time so that the level of functionality of the software can be maintained other than this can also minimize an error in a program or product before the diploid process is carried out on the application.

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5. Collaboration

The collaboration process in this case can be done by each developer team or developer to discuss the presence of feedback or reciprocity given by the client. So that in this case a necessary communication and coordination between each developer team.

6. Self-Organizing, Self-Managing Teams

The last objective of this Agile method is to develop and be given access to the name of management itself all development. In this case, the duty of a manager must be able to become a liaison between developers and clients so that it can reduce the existence of Mass Communication.

Types of Agile Development

The Agile method itself can still be divided into several types of parts. Well, here are some types of software development using the Agile system.

  • Adaptive Software Development or ASD
  • Agile Modeling (AM)
  • Crystal
  • Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM)
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Rational Unified Process.
  • Scrum Methodology

Well, the most widely used type of Agile is Adaptive Software Development, Dynamic System Development Method, Extreme Programming, and Scrum. The Scrum method is widely used in a collaboration between teams to develop software.

Benefits of using the Agile method

Benefits rather than using this own Agile method we can feel not in terms of developers. But also from the client-side, vendors, and managers who also benefit from using the Agile method.

Waiters can provide feedback to the developer team to get or reduce the features of the application before it can be released to the public.

Then the manager can control the work of each team better. In terms of vendors, they can reduce waste and can be more focused on increasing efficiency and also using application features.

While the most recent benefits of the developer side itself can increase productivity between each department. Because each team can work on each task without having to wait for another team to complete his task.

Advantages and disadvantages of Agile Development

1. Excess Agile.

Some of the advantages of the Agile method are as follows:

  • The software development process or software requires a relatively faster time and does not require large resources
  • Changes can be quickly handled according to the client’s needs
  • Waiters can provide feedback or feedback on the developer team in the process of making the program

2. Deficiency of Agile Method

Some disadvantages of the Agile method are as follows:

  • Very unsuitable if done by a team that does not commit to be able to complete the project together
  • This Agile method is also not appropriate if it is done on a large number of team scales or more than 20 people
  • Every developer team must be able to be ready if there is a change of a time

12 main principles of Agile Software Development

The software developer or software that uses the Agile method has 12 main principles better known as the Agile Manifesto. The 12 main principles of Agile are as follows

  • More focused on satisfying clients by making it a top priority to produce products earlier and sustainable
  • Accept all forms of change when the software development process even though it is in the final stages of software development
  • What produces products in the form of software or software that can be made with a period of at least 2 weeks to 2 months with tested quality.
  • The existence of a good cooperation process between the developer and the party does business during the project
  • Able to develop a work environment filled with people with high motivation. The aim is to be able to complete the project more efficiently and effectively
  • Communication is needed directly in the process of developing a software or software
  • Software or software that works well and is also perfect is a measure of the progress of the project
  • Agile methods can develop software or software more ongoing with the support of each party such as sponsors, users, and also in the pioneer.
  • The advantages of the technical side can be used as the main thing in developing software using the Agile method
  • Simplicity is very important for Agile itself to be able to maximize a resource of existing
  • All the needs of the architectural side and also the need for software is very dependent on management in each developer team
  • Every developer team must conduct self-evaluation regularly so that it can work effectively and also regulate the work pattern of each team
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Based on the explanation above we can conclude that the Agile method is a method of software development that is more based on a process of work done repeatedly, which there are rules and agreed-upon solutions and also carried out with collaboration between each team more organized and also more structured

We can share the main purpose of this Agile method to be 7 parts according to the Agile Manifesto. At least there are 8 types of development activities that you can use and also apply to your work environment.

The benefits of using this agile themselves can be felt by each, both parties from within or in terms of the user.

The advantage of the agile side is in terms of software working processes that require less time.

But the final deficiency is on changes that can be done at any time according to the needs of the user of this Agile method has 12 main principles that are characteristic of the Agile method and it is following the Agile Manifesto.

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