After Sales Service: Definition and effect in a business relationship

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After Sales Service: Definition and effect in a business relationship

After Sales Service Definition and effect in a business relationship

The strict business competition is able to trigger many business people in carrying out various ways to deal with these competition, one way is to highlight after sales service.

So, why is After Sales Service more often a choice than other ways? Though the meaning contained in it, this method does not immediately maintain good relationships with sellers and buyers. But in a function, this method has a good role in forming the sustainability of business relationships.

Well, in this article we will discuss regarding the important role after sales service in the company, and tips on using it.

Understanding After Sales Service

Basically, after sales service refers to various efforts to ensure the buyer is satisfied with the services or products sold by the company. This method is done so that the buyer feels satisfied and will indirectly will be willing to provide product recommendations or company services to his relatives.

Although indeed it will not affect the level of sales significantly, but the sellers should have been able to provide a satisfaction to the buyer. Why? Because this satisfied feeling will be able to create good relations between the seller and the buyer.

Reporting from the Management Study Guide, a good relationship between the seller and the buyer will not immediately establish a repurchase or other similar things. However, these conditions will make buyers recommend the company’s products or services to its relatives voluntarily.

Technically, there are several things that must be done in the process. Among them are by asking for opinions to buyers related to the products or services they have obtained, to help customers if they experience difficulties in the use of goods.

Understanding After Sales Service According to Experts

  • Tjiptono

Tjiptony explained that after sales service is a service provided by producers to consumers post consumers buy or use products from it.

  • Kotler and Armstrong

Kotler and Armstrong argue that After Sales Service is a service provided by producers for consumers post consumers buying products from the company.

  • Hindle and Thomas.

Hindle and Thomas explained that after sales service is a service provided by the producers after the consumers buy products or use services from the producers.

So, based on the expert above, we can draw the conclusion that after sales service is an activity carried out by the producers after the product is submitted to the consumer for its purchase as long as consumers have bond or service or also the relationship in an activity.

Examples of After Sales Service activities

Reporting from the Kelap page, there are several types of after sales service activities that are carried out by the seller, some examples are as follows:

  • Packaging of goods

Shipping is the most common thing in a sales activity. In this case, the manufacturer must be able to provide a good impression on the shipping process. One way is to change habits in packing an item.

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A package that has good quality and interesting has a large value. The users will be more impressed with attractive packaging and will make them happier than a product that is packed with just a carton wrap.

  • Coupons and Vouchers

The purchase of new goods or services will not make buyers immediately satisfied or happy. These feelings will appear normally because of their installation. Well, to be able to overcome this, the company can provide coupons or vouchers.

This strategy is widely used on online airplane ticket bookings. In every year, they usually provide a coupon or certain vouchers as a form of apology for limitations in the quantity of the product he can sold.

Effect of After Sales Service Strategy

As we already know together, competition in the business world is very strict, especially consumers today will further conduct deep research before making a purchase. The hope is that sellers are able to meet their needs and also provide a more effective response problem.

In connection with this, the form of fulfillment of needs and correspondence is not only an important thing offered in After Sales Service. There are some important influences for the development of the company in implementing After Sales Service, namely:

  • After Sales Service creates loyalty

The first influence to be felt by the company in implementing After Sales Service is consumer loyalty. Why? Because business competition in digital times as it is very hard and is also very difficult to make consumers more loyal to a product or service.

  • After Sales Service Increases Sales

After sales service also has an important role in increasing the number of sales. This can be seen from how it is able to influence buyers to willing to provide product recommendations or corporate services to relatives or people closest to them.

  • After Sales Service supports product repair

In this case, repairs have a lot of meaning, both in terms of product quality, sales strategies, etc. By carrying out after sales service, the seller can ask the buyer to be able to conduct purchasing reviews which of course can highlight the advantages or disadvantages of a product.

In the end, this can be used as a basis for evaluation to improve the quality of the product and also the future service.

Differentiation due to After Sales Service

Differentiation is a powerful way to be able to win a business competition and for the sake of being a very competitive brand on the market.

When the market has been filled by the same product, there is no better way except to improve the shortcomings produced by competitors. That way, it will indirectly make the seller as top of mind and direct the seller to repurchase.

After Sales Service Tips

After Sales Service will be done optimally if it is not done by applying a particular strategy or technique. Reporting from the ADEO Marketing page, there are several tips that you can do to apply better after sales service than your competitors, namely:

  • Thanking for the purchase
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Thank you can be the beginning for the seller after they have completed the transaction. The greeting can be done through various media. Starting from email, greeting cards, or by telephone.

  • Contact customers

In one or two weeks after the purchase is completed, the seller must at least contact the buyer to ask for the service or product he has obtained.

The question can be a sense of satisfaction, good service receipts, or answer questions from the seller if any. This is a form of attention to the customer or buyer only, not for more sales.

  • Maintain communication

Communication must still be done regularly to maintain a harmonious relationship. Generally, the seller in this case will request advice related to products or services, to the role of customer support provided by the company.

  • Give a warranty

Warranty is one of the very important factors in running after sales service services. The warranty can be done to convince consumers that the products they receive free from the company, are in good condition, or free from the lack of non-good material use.

  • Provides spare parts

Providing spare parts in an effort to run After Sales Service services is important, because without spare parts in product damage, the product will not be used again by the buyer. In addition, it is also very important to maintain customer loyalty.

  • Providing maintenance and repair services

Points will be important if a product has long consumption time and also requires regular maintenance. It is necessary that the product can always function properly and also make improvements to various damage that occurs in the product during its use.

  • Providing facilities and equipment

One of the important means in this activity is the facilities and also product equipment. With this point, it will be able to determine the smooth service of the officers in terms of carrying out maintenance and also repairing products.


Thus an explanation of the understanding and important role after sales service in a company. So, After Sales Service is an activity carried out by the producer after the product is submitted to the consumer for his purchase as long as consumers have bond or service or also the relationship in an activity.

Various strategies, tips and examples of after sales service above are to create customer loyalty, so they are willing to recommend the company’s products or services to their relatives, or make a repurchase.

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