Affiliate Marketing Ranked for Customer Acquisition and is Critical to Revenue Growth

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Overall results showed that online marketing is ranked as the no 1 channel for client acquisition and is relied upon as a proven and demanding revenue driver. Of marketers who currently leverage affiliate as a part of their advertising and marketing mix, 20% ranked it as their top channel for customer acquisition followed by paid and biological search 16% and show 15%. Survey respondents also indicated that they valued the associate channel when it came to pricing flexibility and felt the channel offered bigger transparency and brand safety as compared to other paid channels. These findings emerge at a transitional time when the industry’s enlightened agents are refusing to settle for the establishment and as an alternative prioritizing affiliate as a central growth approach. “The cost for access to Facebook, Instagram and Google audiences maintains to augment.

Marketers need a scaled subsidy to optimize the average unit economics of their agencies and affiliate marketing online is delivering on that crucial need. The mixture of different scale brought via creative technology, and influence based pricing models is the blueprint for developing operating leverage and turning commercials into a profit center. Affiliate advertising and marketing, when done correctly, is playing a starring role in fixing for the fashionable agents’ dilemma,” said Matt Gilbert, Pepperjam CEO. Pepperjam is a functionality advertising solutions company powering growth for agents trying a scaled choice to their basic sales and advertising and marketing channels. Powering over $1B in gross products sales and supported by a finished provider team adding the class’s only in housing practice, Pepperjam is situated in Philadelphia, Pa. and keeps workplaces in NYC, Santa Cruz and Wilkes Barre.

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Pepperjam is a portfolio agency of Banneker Partners and the Permira Funds. More at .