Affiliate Marketing Guide 2020

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Affiliate Marketing Guide 2020

Affiliate Marketing Guide 2020 1

The development of the internet provides many conveniences for its users. From easier to find information, easier to communicate, even easier to get money.

Many ways to get money from the internet. From selling goods online, becoming a blogger, becoming a vlogger, making website creation services, joining the AdSense program, to joining the affiliate marketing program.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to get money from the internet which I will discuss in this article. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money from promoting products with referral codes. You get the profit from the sales commission if someone buys the product using your referral code.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Basically affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by promoting the products you buy.

The following steps are taken to affiliate

  • List of Affiliate Programs

You register an affiliate program from a particular company.

  • Promotion product

You promote products from these companies on blogs and social media that you have. Don’t forget to insert your referral code in your content.

  • People Use Your Referral Code

There are people who buy products using a referral code that you place on your promotional media. Usually people who use referral codes will get additional discounts

  • Get a Commission

After that, you will get a commission if there are people who buy through links that you place on your blog and social media.

Easy enough right?


The way affiliate marketing works that I explained above is the most common and it is important to remember that the workflow in each affiliate marketing provider company can vary. Be sure to always read the terms and conditions before signing up for an affiliate program.

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The Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

1. Easy Process

Every company that provides affiliate marketing programs has different terms and conditions. However, generally all companies apply the same way affiliate marketing works. You register as an affiliate marketer, then promote the product, and finally get a commission if someone buys through your link or banner.

2. Low Cost

There are two types of companies that provide affiliate programs. First, companies that do not provide conditions must buy their company’s products to register for the affiliate program. The second type is companies that require having to buy their products to be able to register in an affiliate marketing program.

If you want to join an affiliate program from a second type of company, you should choose the product that you really need. That way you can make ends meet while getting money from products purchased through affiliate marketing.

3. Can Be Passive Income

Passive income can not only be obtained from rented businesses. Affiliate marketing can also be your passive income. With one post you can make money from people who buy products through your link or banner.

4. Not Limited to One Affiliate Marketing

Maybe joining an affiliate program from one company isn’t enough for you. Take it easy because you can register an affiliate program from another company as long as it does not collide with the terms and conditions of other companies.

5. Flexible working hours

When your affiliate business is stable, then you can decide to make your affiliate business as your main source of income. Automatically your work hours become flexible because they are not time-bound. By running this business there is no old standard of work. When it’s enough, you can relax with friends or family.

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6. Getting new knowledge

Of course you want an affiliate business that has been built to continue to grow. With flexible working hours with no standard working hours, you can take advantage of free time to deepen your knowledge about affiliate business.