Advocacy Marketing, The Most Effective Marketing Strategy

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Advocacy Marketing The Most Effective Marketing Strategy

Advocacy Marketing, The Most Effective Marketing Strategy

Advocacy Marketing The Most Effective Marketing Strategy

Do you already know terms regarding marketing systems such as marketing advocacy? Advocacy marketing is a promotional system that uses consumers to make referrals to other consumers. This strategy is one of the most affordable and easy to do marketing strategies and can be applied to various types of businesses.

That way, well-executed marketing advocacy will be very effective for developing your business. For those of you who are still lacking information about this type of marketing strategy, see a complete description of marketing advocacy to tips for running it below.

Tips for Running an Advocacy Marketing Strategy

So that marketing advocacy that you do can provide maximum results, consider the following tips:

1. Get the Best Advocate Brand

Brand advocates are consumers or other parties who recommend a brand without being paid or other incentives. Every company or business must have at least an advocate. In general, a businessman thinks, the more well-known a brand advocate is, the more able to convince consumers to use a product. Even though a brand advocate does not need to come from well-known circles.

To get a top brand advocate, you just need to look for someone who has a good experience with your brand. A brand advocate is usually a consumer who is very satisfied with the service or quality of the products you sell. So that these consumers can voluntarily spread positive issues related to products or services to the people closest to them or more broadly.

The best brand advocates are consumers who have always made repeat purchases and provide positive reviews both online and offline. Unfortunately, not all brands have consumers who are willing to voluntarily make referrals to their closest ones. They are the ones you can direct to become brand advocates through an advocacy marketing campaign.

2. Conduct an Advocacy Marketing Campaign

Advocacy marketing campaigns don’t have to be too complicated, because it can reduce consumers’ desire to participate. Tweets, comments, feedback, and shares are often a number of the only things which will be wiped out an advocacy marketing campaign. Consumers only need a few seconds to make referrals and share positive information about your brand.

For consumers to feel light when sharing information about your brand on social media, you must combine the following 3 things:

• Question. For example, you can ask consumers for their opinion on your brand. This can make them feel more involved.

• Education. Then provide information about your product regularly through interesting content.

• Challenge. Create challenges that benefit consumers. For example, who shares the most information about a brand or an upload, will get a 50% discount when shopping.

3. Advocacy Marketing Must Provide Two-Way Benefits

You will not be able to get the best results from a marketing advocacy strategy if you only expect the benefits of your company or business. Every company or business must be able to apply marketing advocacy that is profitable from a consumer point of view as well. An easy step to do this is to give special appreciation to consumers who have made referrals outside the campaign.

Make sure your customers feel that the existing advocacy program is not just for providing benefits to your business company. But it will also provide benefits for consumers. The rewards that you will give in the campaign do not always have to do with big prizes. However, it can be a simple gift for consumers as a thank you.

As a person who is in the business world, you need to know every term regarding the marketing system including marketing advocacy. By knowing and understanding the tips for running it, now you will be more determined and ready to develop your business.

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