Advertorial Advertising as the Best Marketing Strategy

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Advertorial Advertising as the Best Marketing Strategy

Advertising is one of the best promotional tools that are very effective in increasing sales. From time to time, the technology for advertising has become increasingly sophisticated. Currently, there is an advertorial advertising concept that offers subtle products or services. This advertising concept has been known for decades as a creative form of marketing advertising.

But now this type of advertorial ad is gaining popularity. Advertising in the form of advertorials is increasingly being used by professional business actors to lure the market more subtly. More and more advertorial ad writing service providers are now emerging to meet the needs of business actors. Get to know advertorial ads more fully so that it will be easier for you to develop the right marketing strategy.

Features, Terms, and Types of Ads

Before discussing the types of advertisements, you should know what the characteristics and requirements of making ads are. Advertisements have several prominent characteristics, including the choice of words that are used very attractive, precise, logical, and polite. The choice of words used has suggestions for the general public. The choice of words used emphasizes the information that is of importance, and the choice of words used accurately shows the target. Meanwhile, the requirements of the advertisement are objective and honest, clear and easy to understand, do not offend other parties, and of course, must attract the attention of many people.

Ads can be differentiated based on several things, such as advertisements based on the media used, and advertisements based on their purpose. Advertising based on the media used consists of print advertisements and electronic advertisements. While advertising based on its purpose can be divided into commercial advertising, tactical advertising, and strategic advertising.

Advertorial Ads

Advertorial advertising is a form of advertising that is presented in a journalistic style. This advertorial comes from two words in English, namely Advertising and Editorial. Advertising is a persuasive presentation of material to the public through mass media to promote goods or services. Meanwhile, the editorial is a statement about opinion which is the official attitude of the editor.

The main purpose of advertorial advertising is to introduce and promote an activity, product, or service from the company to the general public. Meanwhile, its main function is to assist, translate, and interpret advertisements in the mass media. Usually, in making advertorial ads, two promotional focuses can be developed, namely:

  • Promotion of company activities, such as community service activities or even gatherings. This is done to show the intensity of the company in carrying out its community service functions or even to show how many clients or customers of the company.
  • Product promotion, such as information about the specific properties of the product content, problems that often arise in society and are resolved thanks to these products, or many more. Directly, this ad leads readers to think that the product is indeed of high quality, efficacious, and is the best solution.
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Types and Properties of Advertorial Ads

Types of advertorial advertisements are differentiated based on the message material conveyed in their writing, namely product advertorials, service advertorials, corporate or corporate advertorials, and government advertorials. Product advertorial discusses what products you want to present to the public. Advertorial services, presenting the services offered to the general public. Meanwhile, corporate or company advertorials discuss the existence and activities of a company or agency concerned. And government advertorials discuss activities in the government sector or the potential of a region. Advertorial properties consist of:

  • Informative, namely advertising has the nature of notifying or introducing the products, services, and activities offered. This informative advertorial uses a straight news writing style.
  • Explanative, which is to directly explain and describe products, services, and activities.
  • Interpretive, which is interpreting information on products, services, and activities carried out by providing any comments or information.
  • Persuasive, which is to persuade the general public to follow what the writer or advertiser wants.
  • Influences, which are to encourage action from the general public and direct the emergence of an action.
  • Praising, which is giving praise for the information provided so that the general public is easy to be attracted to.
  • Argumentative, which is to prove something by providing arguments and analytical descriptions.
  • Explorative, which is to reveal and explain in-depth the information provided to the general public.

Tips for Creating Advertorial Ad Concepts

Here are some guidelines for drafting an advertorial ad that you can try.

  • Usually, news or advertorial articles are deliberately written to serve as alternate information in a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other content. Therefore, the advertorial format should be light, not prolonged with a less dense load. If the writing is too dense and heavy, the main message of the advertorial will not be conveyed properly. And in the end, the reader will only be confused by the written material.
  • This type of advertisement must be made or written in a format like a news or article. You also need to convey information sincerely to make readers get information about the properties, benefits, and other important information. Besides, advertorials must also be presented in a writing style that makes the reader unaware that the writing is just an advertisement.
  • It’s best to avoid using direct marketing language. Direct marketing language that is full of frontal persuasion such as “get it soon” or “buy it now” and the like, is not appropriate in an advertorial. What you need to do is steal the reader’s attention with a title that makes them think that the article you are creating will be full of information and can explicitly lead the reader’s opinion to like the product or company in question with a slightly evocative closing.
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Advantages of Advertorial Advertising as a Marketing Strategy

  • It is preferable because it does not appear to patronize the reader about a product or other important information.
  • Can create a more convincing impression on readers because advertisements are written with journalistic principles in mind. So that the method used to lead the reader is persuasive language, such as describing examples of real experiences or facts in the field.
  • This type of advertising has a greater potential in achieving sales targets.
  • The cost of creating this type of ad tends to be less than that of display ads.

The type of advertorial advertisement presents different things in advertising because it is made in the form of editorial writing or articles published in print media, journals, or websites. With the use of advertisements like this, readers will find it easier to receive information such as reading articles, even though what they read is an advertisement. Advertising messages are conveyed subtly and are often not realized by readers.

Advertorials are interesting enough for you to make as a marketing strategy. Developing the right marketing strategy is very important to support the progress of your business. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.