Advertising Creativity And Communications Marketing Essay


In this contemporary era of technology many firms using tool of advertising to aware the consumers concerning the elements of their products and services. The advertisements is a kind of developing and sending a message to bound targeted population and hoping for his or her response towards your product. Historically the producers built a product after which promote it to discover the marketplace for the product but in today’s world the product is specifically design with the customer curiosity Wells et al, 2006. In the new past, the advertising and marketing concept has greater dramatically.

The organisations are started inserting huge amount of budgets into ads to supply high salary for their association. The advertising in particular helps to create attention because people don’t buy those items they have got never heard of them before. The advertising is very crucial for brand spanking new products to launch them into segmented market. The relationship between the customer and the manufacturer need to be increase by the help of efficient advertisements Farbey, 2002. Globalization made the establishments to expand their businesses into other markets around them.

This fact has greater the competitors among the many competitors. In this competitive world, it is made compulsory for the manufacturer to promote and offer protection to themselves from the fundamental competitors Wells et al, 2006. Advertising is only as strong as the product and repair because you can only sell poor product without delay time but to sell it for twice you have to speak truth with your client’s. The effective campaigns are making customers more loyal to the manufacturer. Advertising can be a robust or weak force for the company Farbey, 2002.

The Strong theory and models are in line with persuasion and on the other hand the weak theory is according to reinforcement. Persuasion is a technique which includes altering of attitudes and manipulated the thoughts of shoppers to alter their believes and habits Health, 2007. There are two forms of persuasion, Rational and Emotional persuasion. Rational persuasion is about explaining the advantages, blessings, likeness and various incentives where as emotional persuasion has an analogous points but it can create a strong dating and make brand most a success. When the outcome come to calculate the effectivity of them then it’s very hard to consider the effectiveness of emotional as evaluate to rational persuasion Health, 2006.

The strong school of advertisements really focuses on the effectiveness of advertisements. The efficient commercials helps the manufacturer to grow its sales very impulsively. Short term commercials crusade is greater then the long run. The most critical function of short term ads is that it tells the brand to go with the crusade in long run or to depart it because it do not have a further effect on the sales Jones, 2003. Not every crusade has a pretty good outcome on its sales. About 70% of all the campaign raises the sales straight and on the other hand 46% of long run campaigns have an immediate impact on the sales Jones, 1998.

The AIDA model was designed by St. Elmo Lewis 1898 and Strong 1925. This model used especially for the personal dealing but in a while it was adopted as a conversation technique among the brand and its consumers Yeshin, 2006. It contains four steps Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It’s very critical for the manufacturer to get the interest of the customer in order that any other three steps may be taken by the client. The main issue for the brand is to grasp its own advantages after which tell the consumers with various attractive words or phrases to get their interest Johnston, 2009.

Attention can built the interest and make desire for the product. By giving increasingly true guidance of the product the curiosity can be generated Brewer, 2010. The desire only be created by appearing the real image to the customer and make her or him desire for the product. The product points can make the fellow go mad for the product and indulge in the step of taking quick action Johnston, 2009. There are many adverts this present day for the shoppers to get their attention against the product.

Apple is a very famous company in making digital items corresponding to Iphones, Ipods, Macbooks and now the Ipads. The Ipad is exceptionally made for the shoppers to access their emails, watch videos, downloads pictures and hear songs. Before launching Ipad the brand really wanted to grab the attention of their buyers. They used their site to allure the buyers for instance; if anyone opens the website then he gets a welcoming message of the new made from Apple. The photograph of Ipad is shown below which was advertised on Lazaris, 2010.

This is a very good example of how image can get client’s attention. This kind of pictures can create an curiosity for the customer’s. Apple gave the enough experience on their web page to create sure interest for the customers. Java script switchers and image sliders are very popular nowadays. The image shows that you can access the email and the save pictures at a same time.

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Considering the instance of the Ipad, the aesthetics and accessibility feature of the product should not only be presented to induce the will of attainability but also to amenities the user and to provide an even better maneuverability of the device for a cushty and more passionate experience Lazaris, 2010. The campaign ran rather well through web page and indulges the customers to take action and buy the Ipad. Hierarchical model only deals with the individual response and the effect resulted by the commercial East, 2003. The advertising method model was built by Robert Lavidge and Gary Steiner in 1961 that has some point’s change from AIDA model. The main implication of this model is that, if any one of all stages missed out then the will final result are usually not accomplished.

The first stage is to get aware the client about the product by the help of advertising. Secondly, he or she should supply with all of the counsel about the product in order that the system of likeness can be built on its own. The following step is to create alternative of the product among the many other product with same features. The next step is conviction which contains making decision to buy the marketed product. If all of the steps are effectively put in by the manufacturer or the advertisements agency then it’s not difficult to make customer buy for the product Yeshin, 2006.

As can be seen from an old advert of Ariel YouTube, 2008 which delivered an idea of Lavidge and Steiner model, this advert gives a good example of Hierarchy of effect model. By emphasizing on the problem of stain clothes the manufacturer creates attention and offers us the challenge of casting off these stains that is not possible to be done by other standard beverages. By acting a simple test of evaluating Ariel liquid by other drinks the company has prompted a liking effect among the many viewers. The better effects of the product would generate a option among people whereas convincing them that if this product is chose and used it would give out better results than other product that are already obtainable out there. By using such a means the company leaves the audience with an inclined want to purchase the product and check out it at least for once which led to a few sales for the product. In early 1960s, Russell Colley developed a model with the name of DAGMAR Colley’s hierarchy of outcomes model.


This model aimed to quantify the system of communique Yeshin, 2006. The stages of this model are Unawareness, Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction and Action. This model emphasised a lot on creating higher choice of sales by the help of cognizance. The customer must be aware about the product and the company. He have to have the comprehension or experience that what the product is set and the way the product may help him Joyce, 1998 in Jones, 1998. Thirdly, convincing the customer by telling him advantages of the product.

Lastly, for the action you need to depend upon the client. However, your previous actions may have a major role to play George, 2006. This model is mainly use to define commercials goals and measure the effectiveness of the crusade. Effective ads can take the audience down to the best way of recognition, comprehension and conviction to take the ultimate action East, 2003. Indian most fulfilling league IPL is fitting very famous these days among all of the ages who like to watch cricket.

These days the third season of IPL cricket is going on. IPL has these days signed a freelance with ITV for live broadcasting of each match particularly for UK fans. To get aware the people the ITV is advertisements on TV and Internet. Recently, on 11 March 2010 ITV king cricket site showed an advert in regards to the looking the suits of IPL on terrestrial TV without paying any money. The targeted viewers is students who can watch matches in the afternoon by sitting at their homes.

As ITV is a famous channel for UK audience so there may be not much need for the comprehension in regards to the channel. The conviction has done by telling the foremost advantage of looking the match with out paying King Cricket, 2010. The Elaboration Likelihood Model was developed in 1980 by Richard E Petty and John T Cacioppo. This model addresses the curiosity of the individuals and altering habits of individual’s behavior. The brand tries to grow the optimistic behavior of the particular person buyers against their offerings. There are two routes in this model of persuasion.

The first route is the primary processing route which provides the information with high level of motivation and the customer can asses to the core facets of the persuasive message. This stage helps a great deal in making the efficient choice. The other route is peripheral route which is ready giving various cues to the customer and can involve personal promoting as well. The final result of attitudes forming with this method is less efficient as compare to the first one Eckert and Goldsby, 1997. Infomercials are the most effective instance of giving guidance to the client via crucial processing route. As can be seen from wearable towel infomercial YouTube, 2009, the guidance about the product has been given to the viewers to know about the product for example, how easily that you could wear it as compare to any other towels that are already available in the market.

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Secondly, the advert provides the advantages of dressed in the towel and different ways of dressed in it. The americans don’t have much time in watching the entire infomercial so it’s better for the company to use peripheral route for the commercials. The weak theory is based on the reinforcement or repurchases habit of client. The ATR model was proposed in 1974 by Ehrenberg which comprises Awareness, Trail and Reinforcement Hoek et al, 2000. Ehrenberg rejected the persuasion models and argues that the step of taking action in persuasion model is not supported by the empirical proof Yeshin, 2006.

This model actually tells in regards to the reinforcement in the client existing conduct styles. The empirical generalization describes as the relationship among the purchaser belief and beliefs in regards to the brands and their behavior with admire to those brands Hoek et al, 2000. In 1997 the model was sophisticated by Barnard and Ehrenberg and that they put an alternative step of nudge after the reinforcement Hoek et al, 2000. The first step of ATRN model is about Awareness of the product. The attention can be done by different sorts of advertisements for example promotions, media ads, word of mouth, direct marketing and so forth. For the emblem that is already available out there to buy, the client already has the knowledge of the product and its requirements.

For the new products focus is very essential in order that the customer should know in regards to the product. After the consciousness the customer straight make a decision of buying the product and get him in the stage of trail Yeshin, 2006. The ATR model primarily makes a speciality of the long run relationship of the client with the brand and the customer can only buy the product if he has accept as true with in the product or if he tried it before. The managers are very inclined to use ATR model these days to make using behavioral goals and to create a long run courting Hoek and Janet, 1999. The advertisements are mostly for those those that have already got the product. Majority of the folk use to see and concentrate on the advertisements of those brands which they are using or used it before in their lives.

In new markets, a dead ringer for product and consciousness has to be built but on the other hand in mature markets the advertisements are mainly use to retain the shoppers. The consumers do not have any curiosity in altering their brands and they’re inclined to stuck themselves to restricted brandsEast,2003. Scholten 1996 has stated that the basic models of hierarchy of effect paradigm have two major issues to criticize. Firstly, it cannot analysis about the market condition to deliver their message. Secondly, the campaign is run to a particular group of folks which are focused.

The ATR model focuses on the conduct, brand awareness, trial buy and repurchase if the customer is happy and willing to buy it again. On the other hand, basic models do emphasize on the effectiveness of advertisements by getting a daily response up to a particular stage in hierarchy Scholten, 1996. This essay has explored the change between strong theory and weak theory with the assistance of various instance which has taken from the UK commercials market. It has been found that the use of sturdy theory in response to persuasion can really help the brand to grow its industrial globally by giving information about their association and the product. The verbal exchange system by persuasion is certainly for those businesses that are diverting the industrial line to the alternative international locations and those that are new in alternative companies in order that they can aware the audience.

The verbal exchange through ELM model can be very expensive for low budget commercials campaigns but on any other hand it may be very effective for big sellers to provide maximum advice to the individuals or give some cues by hiring celebrities. Furthermore, the ATR model can be beneficial for those corporations that are willing to promote in a similar market where they’re appearing their current companies. However, the brand should have some aggressive benefits for brand spanking new market openings which really help them to get successful in the stage of trail. The brands which are already well-liked or persons are a great deal aware to them equivalent to, Coca Cola, Pepsi etc typically use ATR model to improve the client to buy the product again and again. Google Images 2010 “KitKat advertisements UK” Available at: radeAdverts%255Ckit%2520kat%2520caramel.

1996 “Lost and located: the tips processing model of commercials effectiveness”. pp.