Advertising. com Review for Publishers

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Our review of Advertising. com is limited, mainly because we have not yet tested their ad placements firsthand. We hope to revise this review in the future to supply a more complete examine their network. With nearly 2 billion ad impressions served daily, AOL’s Advertising. com is one of the largest players in the reveal ad community industry.

They serve ads of most of the top brands, that includes 92 of the head 100 countrywide advertisers according to Ad Age; and they have relationships with 74 of the pinnacle 100 ad supported internet sites based on comScore. Smaller publishers with at least 500,000 monthly impressions, can join Advertising. com via PubAccess, a self serve manage panel where publishers can oversee their demonstrate ad stock and request placements to be authorized. Just be warned that the ad placement approval process can take a long time. In our adventure, it took 7 weeks before receiving approval. Also, I’m undecided precisely why I was required to reply the question, “What variety of content material is on this site?” in the course of the placement creation manner.

If their AdLearn set of rules is all its cracked up to be, it will be able to figure that out by itself. Perhaps it just needs a little head start in the right path. But understanding that Google AdSense doesn’t require this input makes me a little leery of Advertising. com’s offers to serve truly applicable ads. Getting the ads placed and operating reviews are issues that we have not yet had the chance to fully test, but we shall update this review when we have more information.

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