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Publishers proceed to feel the force as they battle GDPR necessities in the EU, and CCPA in the US on top of the unrelenting competition from Facebook, Google and Amazon and the forthcoming deprecation of third party cookies. These issues are all having an impact on the publishers earnings goals. And now the Coronavirus pandemic has extra compounded a majority of these issues to such a point that “Digiday Research found that 88% of publishing executives surveyed expect to overlook their enterprise goals this year as a result of outbreak. ” However, there is a magnificent but fairly dormant source of earnings that a writer might presently be sitting on data. Chris Emme, Managing Director, Americas at Eyeota writes for the IAB on how to evaluate your data stack: “The ad tech landscape has outlived an era of turmoil marked by an overabundance of players with fragmented data solutions buying technologies.

In their wake, over promising and under delivering ended in a period of confusion. As the dust eventually settles, although, brands can now more truly see whom the important thing players are in the platform space and make selections about their tech stacks accordingly. Simultaneously, marketers are deciding upon specific buying structures to automate media buying across search, social, reveal, mobile and more, and at the moment are on the line to true automation. “Pieter de Zwart, Eyeota Chief Technology Officer explores the way forward for the cookie for The Drum. The cookie’s fall from grace has been nothing in need of epic.

Misused and abused, the cookie has carried the blame for the client privacy considerations that plague programmatic commercials to this present day. While many have already declared it dead, it could serve us all to pause and acknowledge that, the fact is, the cookie is removed from obsolete. It’s likely that cookies will play a more peripheral role in digital advertising moving ahead, but for now, they’re still the basic backbone of the web. The programmatic buying of electronic ads has transformed the screen market over the last few years. The percentage of monitor ads bought programmatically continues to rise year on year The Boston Consulting Group estimates that the total digital reveal and video ad market in APAC will increase from $14.

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5 billion in 2017 to $19. 0 billion in 2020 and that programmatic’s share will rise from 19% to 36% over this period. And the ever increasing display LumaScape demonstrates just how many moving parts the modern marketer has to juggle. Therefore it is sensible that third party target audience data can from time to time get omitted as there continues to be some common misconceptions concerning the role it can play.