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I want everyone studying this to prevent and film if you are going to for a moment what mid April looks like in the US. Bills have come due and utilities get bring to an end while all people is still tucked away in their homes trying to get a handle on the virus difficulty. This happens as a result of not many can get to work and that little one time govt check of $1200 wasn’t enough to cover the cost of living in America. Panic and anger take over and folks here and there start snapping. We’re speaking the delivery of civil disobedience as desperation starts prompting people to take concerns into their own hands for survival.

Now image if you will what May seems like as more and more people start openly breaking quarantine measures, the virus starts getting worse as the selection of contaminated starts to skyrocket in the face of people’s defiance and looting and other small skirmishes start breaking out. By June places like New York start shopping just like the images, we all saw in Hong Kong in the course of the protests in 2019. Times like now are nothing any of us alive today have ever skilled, and truthfully, I have no self assurance in our management in seeing their answer to this crisis. Many states were waiting for the order to come back from the federal govt and it never came, so the states began taking their own measures to move the problem off while everybody in Washington was seeking to determine what pet initiatives they could take advantage of the immediate need for aid to the folks to get through and a package was made that many would argue is completely out of touch with the purposes of the citizens during this time of crisis. It was with this in mind that I started a petition by way of Change.

org which I will link below. It’s clear to me now that the best choice for the folks is to look out for one another as a result of we can’t trust our leaders to have our hobby at heart. Throughout this entire ordeal, there were things that might have been done that may have already set the minds of the folk relaxed for the weeks ahead and I fear that if a thing is not done to successfully just do that, we can be shopping at genuine riots in a time when that would be the final thing we need. We are facing an remarkable crisis with the global COVID 19 pandemic. Many of our states are on lockdown in an effort to stop the spread of the sickness, fighting lots of our electorate from being in a position to work and help their households. In this time while Congress is fighting to reach an agreement for some manner of an financial stimulus package to alleviate the tension on the folk, we are faced with the question of what occurs when we can’t pay our bills.

With the latest state of panic, the American public is in I strongly urge Congress or the President to immediately make any disconnect of any utility unlawful during this state of emergency in an effort to steer clear of any chaos that may ensue as a direct result to having utilities disconnected when many are powerless to do the rest thing about it as we try to tug together in a concentrated effort to give protection to our nation. The people are doing their part, we’d like our government to put aside no matter what ideological ameliorations they could have so that they can do theirs. Infuse the utility businesses as essential to allow them to proceed to perform during this time, but avoid them from being in a position to disconnect any carrier to any citizen during this crisis. I told all people there would be a match up today……. Heh heh, Do you all consider everything you read on Twitter?What’s the wrestling term for that….

A mark?While everyone goes and blows up the Box Office today for the beginning of The Avengers: Endgame, I’m picking as a substitute to reveal my help for diverse topics of importance. Not only does my refusal to invest in the large Disney machine act as a private stance towards putting all of our corporate eggs in one basket, but it also gives me a moment to show you, through my own version of geekdom, my help for other topics and projects. Enter…. My VUDU wish list of alternative things I fully intend to spend my money on and you may get an image of what this post is going to be about. On April 18th Jason Mamoa put up a video on his Youtube channel to elevate consciousness for recycling and restricting the pollutants attributable to plastics.

On the extent, I tend to be more of a naturalist than an environmentalist. It seems with the form of coverage we get of the subject that no one with sense could even know where to start. Activists paint an image of a huge death toll attributed to climate change, while the U. N. tells us that the opening in the ozone layer over the Arctic is slowly repairing itself. Activists follow one branch of medical belief that says things like climate change will building up the number of deaths from insect born diseases, while other statistics show that since 2000 the choice of global malaria infections are down 37% while malaria associated deaths are down 62%.

Activists will let us know we are one or two generations from certain death due to climate issues that the govt needs to step in and do something about. 11,000 years ago we had an era that is called The Ice Age, so while local weather change is very certainly real, it could also be very basically a herbal manner that can result in huge changes. What it eventually begs the query of is, how much stock do we give 200 years of scientific development and political power taking part in in the study of something that has been continuously changing for actually millions of years?So why am I all poo poo on the “We’re ALL gonna die over the local weather change. ” argument while assisting Jason Mamoa and his stance. The answer to here’s as a result of I imagine in the power of arguing seen viewpoints over hypothetical scare tactics.

I lived in the state of West Virginia for over 25 years from 1990 until 2015. One of probably the most historic tragedies to ever hit the state was the Buffalo Creek flood of 1972 wherein the cave in of 3 coal slurry dams caused an important flood that killed 125 people. In the years that I had lived in WV there was an alternative coincidence concerning the mines and that was the Upper Big Branch Mine catastrophe that killed 29 miners after a coal dust explosion caused cave in. The CEO of the manufacturer would go on to be sentenced to a year in federal prison when it was found that he had willfully violated mine health and safety standards, slicing costs that had finally contributed to that disaster and the death of 29 people. Had enough yet?Fast ahead to January 2014 to the incident referred to as the West Virginia Water Crisis. On January 9th, 2014 over 7,500 gallons of 4 Methylcyclohexanemethanol MCHM was leaked into the Elk River a few miles upstream of the West Virginia American Water intake which left over 300,000 residents in 9 counties without potable water for 9 days.

The incident also saw 169 people end up getting checked with non fatal ailments, 14 of those, bad enough to be hospitalized. The DEP research would find that negligence in the storing of the chemicals was the biggest contributing factor. Are we seeing a pattern here?I have seen and experienced firsthand the ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT left behind by big organisations when they would like their better profit over undertaking their enterprise in a guilty fashion and while it might not be the death of us in a handful of generations…. Maybe, it has been both fatal and expensive to the health of the basic inhabitants surrounding them when the straw breaks the camel’s back so to chat. These were just a pair examples from one area, that I could personally speak to my knowledge of from being current when they happened.

In short, I am not so quick to dismiss the “tree huggers” when they are RIGHT. Which could also be why I imagine making the environment a political issue is rather asinine. The moment you’re taking medical findings and apply this one left and this one right, you be sure that the goal behind the study loses it’s which means. All of those findings are meant to be taken in as a complete to help science piece in combination the puzzle. A can of soda can be bought for roughly 50 cents out of a merchandising machine in numerous places, and a lot of times, the cost is commonly dictated by the emblem instead of the associated fee to produce.

A plastic bottle of water from a merchandising computer tends to cost about as much as a bottle of soda, or a couple of dollar to 1. 50 now while it’s true you get more, about 8 ounces more, customarily, there’s little appearing a justification for that price difference. What does price indicate?It shows just how cheap both styles of packaging are, only one is 100% recyclable, the other is chemical based and is not 100 percent recyclable. Sounds like a practical solution to me and what is even better is that, not only is aluminum better environmentally than plastic, but because it counts as scrap metal, even just bagging your cans and placing them out for scavengers to collect also gives a hand to people who are generally in need of cash, so that gives it bonus points in my book. So my take is an easy take from an easy geek….

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I stand with Aquaman. On the list of upcoming topics, I will FINALLY be discussing THE WALL…And no I am not relating to the classic Pink Floyd album, I mean the border wall that has been proposed and is currently being funded for the Southern American border and why I don’t tremendously consider it, while offering a little fable choice idea. I also have lined up a more singular look at the political meanderings of Hollywood elite a I check one in specific Chris Evans. Beyond that we may be taking a step back from news assets for a bit and start focusing a little on just the basic conduct patterns we see not only out and about, but in addition a study in online behavior styles in addition. Okay now for the FUN PART.

As you realize The Unspoken Ethic is not only about confronting ordinary view points, it is also about protecting things from an exceptional angle, a once in a while debatable attitude, or just a new attitude from what you are seeing and listening to from everybody else, or at the least a majority out here in the cyber web world. In the interest of this, if you post a Tweet concerning a news story or behaviors you see that you discover appealing and feature your individual tackle it hash tag it MyUnspokenEthic and I will reserve it. Periodically I will post YOUR Unspoken Ethics here on the blog and for the ones that I find really interesting, you may even get your own blog post based around it. As promised we are coming into the next stage of evolution for The Unspoken Ethic. When I started this blog I had one goal in mind, to inform my story of one of the toughest trials I have ever faced. To give people some perception into who I am and to throw some ideas obtainable from a angle that we don’t on the whole consider them from.

As time went on, I took a unique method taking on a philosophical tone towards things that I liked and associated with. Time has moved on, like the world itself and I started noticing myself changing tones again. It is time for that fluctuate here, but as we all know what has left a mark on us, becomes a specific thing we stick to as we are creatures of habit. Over time, I kept seeing expanding signs, or perhaps just opened my eyes to these signs a bit more, and so even as I officially start down this path, I am forced to recall an unfinished battle from the place where I began this journey. The above image was of the Facebook post that began it thinking about me. It was written days once I went to stay with a pal and work on their farm, after leaving my wife.

This was part of the 16 pages she revealed out and gave to professionals as she filed a restraining order towards me in the face of me being 30 miles away and refusing to discuss with her when she called. I would also add that this was the best post printed that was lacking it’s remarks……miraculously. Here for the beginners to my site is where, once these revealed feedback came to the Roane County sheriffs station, one among them decided to circle half a sentence and took it to a circuit judge who signed off on an arrest warrant. Days later while I was in the manner of cleansing and rehanging a storm door that have been blown off in a big storm a couple years before I had the county sheriffs, the state police, the FBI, Homeland Security and a K 9 unit roll up on the farm and take me into custody. Three days later I found by means of a phone call that my arrest had made countrywide news.

WOWK TV dealt with it in the neighborhood, FOX NEWS blasted it all over the place. I had spent 8 days in jail, and upon my unencumber, made feasible only by the prosecutor dropping my bail from the highest it can be for charge, which was 150,000 to the lowest 500. No press was present that day at my pretrial. I was released the following day. Now other than my public defender who was not much more help to me than here 2 that my case can be shunted off to over the process the year it was in the system, I had family who had asked their attorneys what I should do.


The consensus was to sit on my hands and say not anything. I kept an eye to see if the rest had developed in the inside track. I was not contacted, no one was. The more I conception about my situation, the more I realized, that if I had to watch for my trial to have my side told in a small town court system where I was an outsider, it would be AFTER the simplest thing anyone who could be selected as a jury was uncovered to the very INCOMPLETE version of the tale ran by the click. The above was my response.

I didn’t care in regards to the risks. I believed that the rather careless reporting with it’s loss of any facts beyond what would make the sheriffs department seem like heroes, flew in the face of due technique, brooding about it was the simplest edition of the tale put out to millions of Americans, not to mention any from the town where a jury of my peers can be selected. You always hear concerning the freedom of the click, but you never hear about how they use that freedom to intervene with the constitutional rights of the American people. Because they couldn’t be OBJECTIVE, I was at greater RISK of being found guilty over a statement that was misrepresented in it’s context. If that they had done their job, they might have looked at that post, since it was in FACT a PUBLIC POST. That half sentence would not be the simplest thing.

At the time of my arrest I had been doing volunteer work for a native neighborhood theater for the better part of 5 years. In that time I had served on the theater’s board of administrators, which in turn saw me be invited to be part of the East End Alliance Halloweast committee which was formed by Charleston city officials to develop the East end of town into an art center. The Halloweast committee deliberate and arranged the once a year Halloween fundraising event made to help raise money for the task of turning the East End into an art center. While volunteering for this theater, we had made a cope with a locally started sci fi/horror convention, which at the time was in it’s second year. Our theater’s constructing would house a part of the conventions events.

We and the convention people did a fair amount of cross promoting for one an alternate. The image that was referred to in the police report was in reality part of that cross promotion and was actually a part of the volunteer work I had been doing. Now it seems to me, that the judgement of that image came from yet an alternative high profile media buzzed capturing, a judgement that did not include anyone bothering to search for the facts behind. You can go to my Wikipedia page and see that I have a historical past with this certain Local Theater Kanawha Players, and their minutes by the laws of a 501c3 are PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. This ends MY PERSONAL experience with the bane that Partisan, non goal press and mass media has become to our society. Below is the link to my Wikipedia page.

Below is a link to a fascinating article on writing headlines, the psychology of headlines and what makes for a successful headline. It states that in their study 8 out of 10 people only read the headline, 2 out of 10 read the object’s content. This is critical when thinking about the large growth of the internet and social media sites in the last decade. The growth of social media has added a rather dangerous aspect when mixed with mass media retailers that are biased in their content material. You see there’s a slightly crucial factor to evaluate when 8 out of 10 people only read the headlines and 2 out of 10 people read the content and that’s when that content is biased whatsoever 10 out of 10 people come clear of the article ill trained and that number grows exponentially when the biased or incorrect information hits the cyber web in the social media circuit.

This headline study also hits us with the success of terrible superlatives and how online those headlines using words like: “Never” “Worst” had a regular CTR Click Through Rating that was 63% higher than headlines with fine superlatives. They go to say that an alternate study of 100 posts on tech site showed that headlines making use of violent sounding words like: “kill” “fear” “dark” “bleeding” and “War” also had the next number of social shares. Now where it involves the media it is no secret that your local news will run a narrative of a bad wreck on the interstate that killed 3 people, sometimes hours later when freshen up is not inflicting site visitors delays and the wreck itself does not anything to change any sort of traffic laws in the realm it happened in. Why this is considered news when it has no bearings on lots of the viewership is still an unanswered question. Another unanswered question would be if they are intent on giving us “News” that basically is not news a good deal as “life” and the occasionally unfortunate occurrences that befall people why not run memories on the estimated choice of people who pass by that same spot on any given day, including the day of the wreck, that nothing happens to?This form of reporting turns the 3 people killed in an unlucky coincidence from being folks that are remembered fondly by a handful of family and friends into the those that are remembered by 10,000 audience as the unlucky people that were killed in an accident.

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This in turn leads us to another query. How much of how people view such things as headlines making use of negative or violent sounding words has been encouraged in the course of time by the media?To be fair you even have to evaluate that when nothing happens, there is not any news to tell and so via informing us when a thing occurs, the media instantly perpetuates attention to the poor by default. Are people negative by nature, or have we been conditioned to simply be aware of the negative instead of the whole picture?When we ask this query, we begin to see where opportunists, pushing agenda, take expertise of the system designed to notify people as a method to control them in its place. This too, is a very unhealthy aspect. I gets more into this, but first I are looking to leave you this link to the item I have been writing about and yes, as that you may tell by the title of this entry, made use of.

It’s not so fun when the tables turn is it?The power of the media to notify and have an effect on has been well documented and actually is the rationale the press was given freedom under our Constitution, but freedom as we’ve always heard said here in America, is not free, there comes with it both sacrifice and duty. With this said it begs the question why there are politically partisan media retailers. Editorials and Magazines excluded, however I feel strongly that any News source that runs editorials should hold these editorials to account where stated “facts” are worried by requiring reference points for where these numbers and facts come from. Below are 2 examples of this not being the case. Both editorials are focused on the DACA issue, but it surely one is conservative based while any other is liberal.

Again this results in an alternate question: If news is simply news, just complete facts, Why then is there even such a thing as left leaning or right leaning NEWS?How much has this played an element in the divide of our people who once even handed themselves simply Americans into a SPLIT between conservatives and liberals?It’s not just us here in America either. Lets have a look at a news source for one of allies. Remember 8 out of 10 individuals are only going to read the headline, what does this headline inform you?What any other 2 who definitely read it get is how often young royals escape with things like this or even once in a while the older ones to boot and it states an example of that. What it doesn’t state is this incident caused the royal couple any grief at all from the higher ranking royals……In fact you get left with the question: Who but even so the folk WRITING this text are even bringing interest to this breaking of protocol love it means a thing more than how it is even presented in the article itself?While it’s nice to grasp we aren’t alone in the problem of an inflated press, I’m more involved about our yard at the moment, but I wanted to reveal that inflated agenda driven press is a difficulty for more than just us. Let’s return now with an alternative recent story that broke with 2 sides.

In the face of MeToo and Timesup movements, strong feelings become a factor, every now and then, a whole lot in order that people are pressured to accentuate for the sake of creating the stream enhanced. This is a double edged sword as you see here in these 2 articles. Here by making a narrative more than what the person coming forward meant for it to be, giving that the most person concerned in the accusation has been old news for awhile now, we get our first real pack up of how the media creates instances that will in all probability do more to scare real sufferers away from coming forward with their memories. A lot of those people have remained quiet because they are apprehensive about coming forward, common sense dictates that when they begin seeing media twist victim’s thoughts to be about a specific thing more a good way to push an agenda, it’ll do little to encourage them to get up. It will also amp up the drama to the purpose that individuals will start getting hit for nothing, because, and I can vouch for this due to my case, over the “climate” it creates, or after enough of that happens, what was a circulation becomes a trend that no body can put any stock into.

Is it worth that?Now I come to the part where I return to the field matter that once got me into trouble, but never the less I feel this needs to be addressed. That stands out as the topic of modern school shootings. Before I proceed only for argument’s sake I want to state that NONE OF WHAT I SAY IN THIS PART IS A THREAT TO COMMIT ANY VIOLENT ACT. Some people had a difficulty with that idea the last time I just wanted to make that clear. Lets start with a chart that takes us from 1980 to 2012.

A chart that shows all 137 incidents of fatal school shootings and the 297 people killed in those. Does it shock you to see how the numbers start leaping in the latter half of that 32 year span?You always hear in regards to the consequences of violent video games and tv programming, you hear about bullying and bad folks and I estimate some of those get more credit than they deserve while others don’t get enough, but how much of a metamorphosis does our developments in communications play a factor?One thing I noticed was the steady build up that coincides with the increase of the information superhighway. 2014 rolls around and a new non profit association called Everytown pops up. There are 2 things worth noting about this association towards gun violence. The first is that they created a very broad standards base for what they deliberate to be school shootings. You may also find one of the fashioned 18 school shootings that made their list was a suicidal veteran who called the police and told them he was suicidal before taking pictures himself in his car while in the automobile parking space of a school that had been closed down already, an alternative was not even a question of anyone going psycho, in fact the person immediately at fault was a cop for carelessly not paying attention when a 3rd grader fired his gun in it’s holster while the cop was sitting on a bench.

Fortunately no one was hurt or killed in the incident. The second thing worth noting about this group is how much stock a large number of the media puts in the numbers they provide. Below is an article that notes all the above. You will find that I chose this article from among the 2 that I found that states this group’s blatant scare strategies while pushing an agenda for gun handle, because it is every little thing that in advance editorials weren’t. The writer gave reference points that could be clicked on to view the source, they even called out their own paper for being one of the ones that briefly used this groups numbers.

It’s crucial to note that there are many good things that remain in regards to the press and the media, I just firmly imagine that we can no longer ignore the fewer favorable and downright unhealthy ways in which it has also misused it’s freedom at our fee. One small way that media might help solve this issue from their end, can be to STOP RUNNING COMMERCIALS DURING NEWS BROADCASTS. I say this as a result of with talk shows, game shows, physical games, syndicated series, prime time award profitable shows, any network has plenty of programming to generate profits working ads. Our NEWS BROADCASTS, should be to inform and instruct us, that’s, as our forefathers believed, highly vital to our people and our nation and it should not be used as a tool for profiteering. When it is, of course the network will go out of it’s way to be sure it has enough viewers to that news bulletin to get a number of ads in. It turns into a controlling factor by which it operates and we’ve seen the consequences.

Anything to maintain the thrill going, even over a tragic event makes it ecocnomic while it deeply effects the foundation of this nation that is it’s people. I don’t have an issue with big business, I would also be curious about discovering an affordable way to supplement whatever they’d lose operating news programming with out advertising, but the media needs to step back and look at it’s place in the mess we have to address moving forward.