Advertise Your Business With Froggy Ad #2

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Advertise Your Business With Froggy Ad #2

Advertise Your Business With Froggy Ad #2

Want your business to be better known? Want your business to be more advanced and profitable? Come on, use Froggy Ads.

Froggy Ads is an online marketing tool in the form of an advertising platform founded by Martin Nødskov. This Froggy Advertising can enable you to target potential customers based on keywords, topic, time, and of course location.

You can also advertise without worrying about funds, because you just have to adjust to how much marketing budget you have.

For example, when you type keywords like “Women’s clothing today” on Google’s search engine, then open one of the websites in the search results page section, you will see the words “Ads” or “Ad” on the website page, that’s the result of Froggy Ads services.

If your prospective customers have already done a search like the picture above, it means that there are needs of those who need to be met with products or services.

Now, by placing Froggy Ads ads, the position of your website on the search results pages, will be in the top rankings of other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) websites. So that the possibility to be clicked on by potential customers becomes more.

SEO is a strategy used to increase the number of visitors to a website.

Already know what Froggy Ads is? This article will discuss more about Froggy Ads.

1. Charge per click

In advertising on Froggy Ads, you will be charged, only if someone clicks on your ad. So it can be said that the costs you incur will be very measurable.

Keep in mind that potential customers who click on ads and enter your website may not necessarily buy the products offered. Usually the percentage of ad clicks to purchases is a maximum of 1% or 2%.

So you have to calculate the costs and profits that you generate if from 100 clicks by potential customers there is only 1 sale.

2. It’s better to advertise a product that doesn’t compete with the marketplace or other big business

For example, you are a small business that produces headscarves and want to advertise on Froggy Ads. Try googling something related to your product first.

Please try using the keyword “selling hours”. It could be that you find many large marketplace ads there, for example ads from Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and so forth. In this case it is recommended that you do not compete with them using these keywords.

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Try other keywords, such as “sell cheap watches”, or “factory hours”, or “watch manufacturers”. These are the keywords that are likely to be searched by resellers, or hour traders who are looking for suppliers.

But, if you don’t find marketplace ads when googling using the keywords you want to use for Froggy Ads, then it is recommended that you advertise using those keywords.

3. Have a website that is optimized Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who take profitable actions for business owners.

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However, in optimizing conversion rates, it is good for you to pay attention to your own website. That is because, the website becomes a destination for potential customers, after they click on your ad.

Remember that your Froggy Ads are charged per click, which means you don’t want clicks that come to your website to no avail. So you have to prepare things like:

  • Clear telephone or contact numbers
  • Website loading speed
  • Have a mechanism to convert traffic or change the processes that occur on the website into an email database
  • Have a mechanism to contact website visitors again, for example by retargeting. Retargeting is a method or method in capturing potential customers who have visited a website, by displaying display / banner advertisements to prospective customers on every website visited by potential customers.
  • Have value propositions such as the uniqueness or a strong differentiator of the product, when compared with competitors.
  • Between Froggy Ads and web pages must be synchronous
  • And so forth

You are able to calculate the conversion rate by dividing the number of conversions that occur on one website page to the total visitors of that page. Then the results of the division are multiplied by 100.

For example, let’s say you run an online electronics store, and on the “Laptop” product page 20 purchases occur. While the total number of visitors to the product page is 1,000 visitors. You can calculate it by dividing 20 by 1,000, then multiply 100. The result is 2 percent. This means that the conversion rate for that page is 2 percent. Easy enough right?

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4. Using Quality Score makes your Ads ads cheaper

Quality Score is a measure in the range of values 1-10 which shows the quality and relevance of advertisements. The higher the value obtained, the more relevant the ads that you display, of course, the better.

Actually, on Froggy Ads, who gets the best position (top) is not the highest paying (or bid) for a keyword. But it could be that the lower bid gets the best position, because Froggy has a Quality Score number that can determine the position of the ad.

Quality Score becomes an important factor that determines the ranking of our ads. The ad with the top position can be assured of having a high Quality Score. The higher CTR means your ad is attractive to searchers and the ad can be cheaper. Conversely, a low Quality Score can make our ad position low or even not appear at all.

5. The quality and relevance of Landing Pages

Prospective customers will click on the ads and then enter the page on your website. If after that they do not immediately close the website, it means they have needs on your website.

Or after entering the website, they even go directly to a page, for example to the product category, meaning they do have needs on your website. And that is important in Froggy Ads.

Froggy Ads will see if your landing page is relevant to the targeted ads and keywords.

Things that are included as landing pages are every page opened by Google users, after previously clicking on something, such as clicking on the ad earlier.

Landing pages are designed to direct visitors to do something specific. So you can create specific landing pages to target specific keywords.

For example to target the keyword “instant shirt”, you make your instan- shirt, then to target your “blue shirt” you make your blue-shirt.

6. Ad Relevance

If you are a travel agent website owner, want to make Froggy Ads to increase visitors and increase sales on the website, then you can target the keyword “cheap plane tickets”. Where your ad will appear every time someone types in “cheap plane tickets” on Google search engines. So make sure the word “airplane ticket” is also in your ad, either header or description.

Those are the important things in Froggy Ads that you need to know about. Froggy Ads is already popular as a tool that helps change the lives of small and medium businesses for the better. Many business cases have dramatically increased revenue in a short period of time, around 1-2 months, due to using Froggy Ads.

Come on, let’s try advertising on Froggy Ads!