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I’ve never been toward my buyer:Close your eyes and call to mind a affected person. Chances are that word brings to mind a person in a clinic gown shuffling down a health facility hallway. The truth is that the majority “sufferers” are people out living their lives who happen to even have a chornic or acute disorder to tackle. Getting that context that keeps real people at the center of what we do requires a lot of listening.

I’ve read blog posts to packed convention rooms like a preacher at a pulpit. Watched patient advocates paint actually pictures of what the event is actually like. LIstened to survivors discuss how being diagnosed modified how they and their families live their lives. it is incredibly powerful stuff that may completely change views and create better, more advocacy minded work. Before the lecture, Flynn had students log on and rate their impressions of “Roizen” on a number of dimensions.

The results showed that college students were much harsher on Heidi than on Howard across the board. Although they idea she was just as in a position and helpful as Howard, they didn’t like her, they would not hire her, and they wouldn’t want to work along with her. They disliked Heidi’s aggressive personality and rewarded Howard’s entreprenuerial one.

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