Advantages and Disadvantages Social Media Marketing

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Today there are many more platforms to interact, share content and market your business. Many sites are owned by the same company, e. g. Facebook and Instagram, Google and YouTube, Microsoft and LinkedIn. These sites benefit from sharing content and make it easy for users to switch between the platforms using the same login credentials.

Therefore it’s no surprise businesses want to market brands through services offered by networking sites including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn. However, some experts say SMM social media marketing is expensive e. g. see Neil Patel’s video on Facebook Ads and returns a low ROI, therefore proceed with caution in much the same way you do with any online marketing strategy. The most obvious advantage of paying for business exposure on sites like Facebook is the vast number of users and thus the opportunity to reach huge numbers of eyeballs.

Not only is the quantity but also the quality of data made available for marketers. Over the years, technology has advanced data capture and analysis and improved demographics targeting. Sites like Facebook have third party providers specialising in software and services for data segmentation and businesses using the data get the reward with their SMM adverts been seen by their intended customers. This is an advantage but also a disadvantage as noted by the negative outcome of Cambridge Analytica. On that note, let’s look at some of the obvious advantages of SMM.

By and large, most humans seek to attract attention and acknowledgement, and the networking sites encourage it. It’s normal practice to take selfies, and that includes sharing images and videos of using products etc. Followers will like, comment and share these posts and before long prospective customers will ask questions relating to your products and services, and they expect a quick reply. It’s this immediacy of contact that improves customer satisfaction. Therefore when you’re attentive, and you respond directly within your page to queries, your page attracts more views from your followers and your customers’ networks. Often it’s easy to roll off the tongue the negatives.

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With social media, it’s been a steep learning curve for everyone, so, understandably, a lot of negative outcomes have occurred over the years since it’s inception. We named one earlier on, and how customer information is used by businesses and organisations is still a challenge today. Privacy is important, and all sites must have privacy statements on how they manage customer data capture and what they do with it. For example, Europe recently released the GDPR for the European Union and businesses providing services to EU nations. From a business viewpoint, social media marketing disadvantages include our list below.