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Superior focusing on is a nice element that provides you further regulate above your advert campaigns. We will make clear what choices this element has and how to use them in this brief post.

MMADS has the adhering to sophisticated concentrating on selections available:

URL substring – URL where advertisements will be exhibited
Referrer substring – URL from in which a visitor has arrive
User-agent substring – Person-Agent HTTP header from visitors’ browser
Frequently, the logic guiding all these solutions is the identical. The advert server finds occurrences of a substring in an advertisement request info and can make a choice regardless of whether to show an ad or not.

Discipline structure
Substring is a comma-separated string. For example:

apple, orange, mango

Remember to observe that the comma symbol indicates AND. Hence, the expression over will be interpreted as “apple AND orange AND mango”. So all words have to be current to cause advertisements exhibiting.

If you would like to use negative key terms, you have to have to position a hyphen (-) image before the key word. For illustration:

apple, orange, -mango

As stated, a comma image means AND. So this expression will be interpreted as “apple AND orange AND NOT mango”

Regular expressions
If you need to have more complex logic (which includes OR logic), you need to use common expressions.

In this circumstance, a substring has to get started from a tilde (~) image. Then it will be dealt with as a frequent expression. We endorse you double test your typical expressions and examination them here in advance of applying them in your campaign concentrating on.

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For instance, it can glimpse like this:


In this circumstance, advertisements will shown if possibly “apple” OR “orange” OR “mango” offers.

Innovative focusing on examples
Let us say you have placed the identical invocation code on to many pages, for illustration: site up?id=1 up?id=2 up?id=3
If you would like to display screen advertisements on “blog/post” webpages only, you should place this expression to “URL substring” area:

site/put up

When you want to screen advertisements on all webpages except “about” and “shop”, you ought to use this expression:

-about, -store

When you want to show adverts on “about” or “shop” webpages only, you must use this normal expression:


If you want to display ads on two unique posts, then you must use this normal expression:


If you desire to exclude the major website page of the domain, but even now display screen adverts on all other pages, then you should use this regular expression:


If you desire to screen advertisements on the major web site of the area only, then you must use this frequent expression:

~^.*case in$

If you wish to exclude the Safari browser, then you should really use this standard expression in “User agent substring” field:


This should give you a essential knowing of how to use highly developed focusing on in your promotion strategies. Even though this feature might be extremely highly effective, it’s somewhat effortless to implement and does not need any coding practical experience. Use it properly and really don’t fail to remember to abide by the directions.

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