Adsterra Ad Network Review 2020

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Adsterra Ad Network Review 2020

Adsterra Ad Network Review 2020

Adsterra Review 2020- Maybe for now, there are still many who do not know about Adsterra’s discourse, maybe even you yourself are the first time to hear the name of this alternative AdSense site.

The name Adsterra is indeed in the process of developing among bloggers, and is not as famous as Google Adsense, which has worldwide. However, it helps you as a Publisher spend a little time getting to know Adsterra which is one of the alternative Google Adsense advertising with no less promising income.

Before discussing further, let us first identify the discourse of Adsterra, so you have a clear image of this digital advertising network discourse, and how beneficial it is for you if you become a publisher.


Adsterra is a digital advertising company based in Russia and has been established since 2010. But surprisingly behind its unfamiliar name, the company already has 2 billion advertisements running every day.

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Indeed, when speaking of the fame dilemma, Adsterra still lags far behind the popularity of Adsense. When in fact, Adsterra can say high pay, even Adsterra is included in Premium advertising, in addition to the advantages of Adsterra which I have mentioned a little above, here are some other advantages of Adsterra that you can consider if you want to become a publisher.

Advantages of Adsterra

1. Adsterra is able to reach many cities, even countries.

2. 10 billion more ad impressions have been recorded from Adsterra each month.

3. Not as trivial as expected, because Adsterra apparently has 60,000 active ad campaigns.

4. Multi language features are supported.

5. Adsterra’s own popularity is shown through the high Alexa Rank in both of its domains.

6. Have 3 Payment Systems

Unlike other advertising companies that use the PPC (Pay Per Clik) ​​system that will pay if only clicks occur and on a single basis. But Adsterra itself actually has 3 systems to calculate website / blog income, such as:

  • CPC Ads – Cost Per Click

It’s fantastic for those of you who have a website with a decent number of visitors, because CPC Ads from Adsterra will pay everyone who clicks “clicks” on the ad units on your Website.

  • CPM Ads – Cost Per Mile

Also suitable for those of you who have a Website with many visitors, because by using the CPM Ads system, then every 1000 ads that have “aired” will be paid by Adsterra.

  • CPA – Cost Per Action

If you have a download blog, it means that it is very fitting to use the CPA system from Adsterra, because the payment system will be carried out according to the involvement of the ad campaign using advertisers, for example downloading applications and so on.

7. Adsterra is more varied

Adsterra is predicted as an advertisement that tends to be more varied because it can display ads that can change according to the time or at a certain time that has been adjusted. So, blog visitors will not be formed bored when carrying out browsing on the Website with Adsterra ads that appear on your blog.

8. Has 6 Types of Ads

The advantages of Adsterra to-3 it deserves to be recognized, because it turns out that Adsterra already has 6 types of advertisements, and did not rule out more will increase again. You can specify several types of fish in Adsterra to resemble below:

  • Banner
  • Rich Media
  • Text
  • Pop Ups (unders)
  • Application or Widget
  • and custom

Lack of Adsterra

For this time, I haven’t found the weaknesses of Adsterra ads, because when I tried to advertise Adsterra, it hasn’t been long, and I haven’t found a meaningful dilemma.

How to Register at Adsterra

Actually, there are no special requirements in registering to become a Publisher on Adsterra, but still, you have to go through the following steps:

1. Please enter the official Adsterra page at

2. Click on the REGISTRATION dish then select As an publisher.

3. Register by selecting the “Don’t Have An Account?” in the bottom section, then fill out the registration form provided.

4. Save your data in the form then check the email that you have registered to see the process of receiving your Website.

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How to Post Adsterra Ads on Blog / Web

After you get a notification that your Website is accepted, then it’s time you carry out advertising on the Website to immediately reap the coffers of the Dollar, the following way:

1. Login to your Adsterra

2. Select the “Add new website” option

3. Select the type of ad that you will install on your blog / website

4. After that, click the “get banner code” option then copy the script

5. Log-in to your Website dashboard, enter “layout”, click “add gadget”

6. Select the option “HTML / Java Script” 7. Then paste the command that you copied earlier.

8. Click “save”.

That’s a little Adsterra discourse review that you can consider for you to use as jewelry income through traffic from a blog that you have if until this time you haven’t been accepted as a Google Adsense publisher, or because of other things that make it difficult for you to earn income from some advertising that have you tried. and if you want to grow your business, please use our services to advertise and as a publisher.