Adskeeper Ad Network Review 2020

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Adskeeper Ad Network Review 2020

Adskeeper Ad Network Review 2020

Adskeeper is one of the fastest-growing native content ad networks from the UK. This is similar to other native ad networks such as Mgid, Taboola, and Revcontent and helps publishers monetize their ad inventory by displaying original content recommendations in the sidebar, after content or in-line on the publisher’s website.

This network works on a CPM basis and has good advertisers throughout Europe. We have published an Advisor Reviewer here. In this article, we will discuss the level of Entrepreneur CPM and how you can increase your Adviser income.

For Publishers

Since you came to this article, we believe you have used Adskeeper and want to increase the overall income you receive from the network or you plan to use this ad network on your blog to increase your overall revenue from native ads.

Before discussing further, let me tell you that the AI Entrepreneur tool automatically selects the best performing campaigns from the advertiser’s 1000s campaign database for your website traffic and thereby ensures a higher clickthrough rate, engagement, and revenue potential higher for higher publishers.

The Adskeeper ad unit is flexible and responsive so that it can improve websites with screen size and resolution effectively. So, you as a publisher are required to install widgets in the main location of your site for maximum clickthrough.

Benefits for Publishers to Join Adskeeper

Publishers benefit from the following when they join the original AdSkeeper ad network.

• Have the highest fill rate in the industry. Thus the network can monetize all traffic in all geographies.

• Get attractive revenue for high conversion traffic

• Enjoy a payment schedule every month.

Adskeeper Ad Format

Adskeeper is a native ad network and thus offers a type of widget ad that can blend well with the style of the website. Widgets offer deep customizations to provide a truly original experience for users. Their ad format is similar to the Mgid, Taboola, and Revcontent formats. Here you can see the ad formats offered by Adskeeper. BPS rates offered by Adskeeper will vary based on widget placement because the CPM page / widget is a function of the CPC and CTR.

Adskeeper provides an intuitive dashboard for these publishers and advertisers. You need to log in to Adskeeper via the registration link. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation and activation email with a password. Log in to your Adskeeper account with the password. Now, you’ll see two tabs – Advertiser and Publisher. Click on the publisher tab then add your name . It takes some time for the domain to be approved, usually 24 hours. Once approved you can generate widget ad code and implement it on your site and start making money from it.

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Adskeeper Publisher Dashboard

However, we would like to allow you to know that you simply monitor CPC rates with Adskeeper and get in touch with their account manager to debate how your site is performing in terms of ROI for affiliates. This is very important because Adskeeper, even though the CPC ad network, can ban your account if your traffic does not convert for affiliates to ensure their advertisers live with them. This is something to remember before sending large volumes to any native ad network, especially advertisements that are affiliates.

Adskeeper has a payment tab that contains additional payment methods and information you need. Once the traffic starts coming in, you can see statistics in the reporting section, and you should be able to monitor its performance properly. Now, let’s take a look at the Pioneer Pioneer rates!

CPM rate

CPM rates offered by Adskeeper are the same as those offered by other native ad networks such as Mgid. Most of their ads are directed to arbitration sites or directed to affiliate campaigns, a large number can be in the form of sweepstakes, application installations, and others. The CPC rate for asian and tier 3 traffic is around 1-3 cents while the CPC rate for level 1 traffic will be around 8-10 cents, if not less. If your large volume of traffic comes from India, you can expect revenue to be around 1 cent per click. So, your overall CPM widget will be around 10 cents and if you use 3 ad widgets on your website, the aggregate CPM will be around 30 cents.

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This might get up to $ 3 if you have a good volume of US and UK traffic in the mix. In addition, if your traffic converts for a particular niche, your income can skyrocket and you can make a lot of money from Adskeeper. So, it is always recommended to continue testing new ad networks to maximize your overall ad revenue.

We believe that our Adskeeper reviews are incomplete if we cannot provide a CPM rate card and we are looking forward to updating this section after we complete testing with one of our blogs. However, we tested Adskeeper CPC rate was around 2 cents. Here, as you’ll see, Adskeeper is one among the participating networks. The overall CPM rate will be around 3 cents if you have mixed traffic, and will only increase if you have a good EU flow. Adskeeper is the entry network for all websites traded in the EU.

Adskeeper Payment Information

To start getting paid you must first set up your payment method. Do this by first adding the payment method; PayPal, Bank Wire Transfers, etc. After that, choose your preferred payment method. Be sure to do this at the end of the month. If it is not done at the end of the month payment will not be made until the next payment.

Insurers pay in NET 30 days for a minimum payment of USD 100 via PayPal. If you wish to withdraw funds via Wire, you can request additional information through the Adskeeper support contact.