Adsbridge Review Complete Tutorial Guide Servando Silva

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Here which you can add the crusade to a collection for organizational applications e. g. one group for sweepstakes, one group for Nutra, one for playing, etc. and in addition you’ll be in a position to select a Cost Model.

While PopAds lets you track the fees with dynamic tokens, many networks don’t have an option so just fill out the cost you’re paying based on the crusade you’ll launch. For example, if you’re paying $5 per CPM which you can either select CPM as the price model and then write $5, or you can select the CPV cost per view and put $0. 005 as I did, which also effects in $5 per every thousand visits. In the proper upper corner, that you may click the blue gear icon to customize your data and optimize your campaign according to different variables. By default, they’ll show the information based on offers, landing pages, and traffic assets but you can click the icon and select any data you will want like in the screenshot below.

I certain the token 1 from PopAds which shows me which websites are changing and getting clicks. I know that web page number 1431063 got greater than 1400 visits and so far it’s got 9 clicks to the offer but still 0 conversions. Total money spend is $1. 1 so depending on my offer payout I might need to pause it or not.

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