Adnow Native Ad Network Review 2020

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Adnow Native Ad Network Review 2020

Adnow Native Ad Network Review 2020

Make Money from Blogs with AdNow Native Ads. Internet media not only provides convenience in disseminating information and accessing information, but now the internet also changes the effectiveness in advertising. Even lately media advertising on television has been shifted by advertising on the internet media as well as in our country Indonesia at this time the internet media has become the choice for advertising.

The cost of advertising on the internet besides being cheaper than advertising with other media such as television but also in terms of convenience and the many benefits can be obtained by advertisers. Anyone can advertise on the internet, not only large companies with abundant budgets that can advertise. For small business owners with the presence of the internet can easily bring up their ads and get high conversions with a budget that can be adjusted.

Not only for advertisers who are lucky with the presence of this internet, but for bloggers this is also very beneficial because the presence of these bloggers makes it easy for advertisers to advertise their products cheaply and bloggers can make money from advertisers.

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Whoever you want to make money from advertising on the internet is quite easy, you just need a blog with high traffic that can make money from advertising. With a little capital, money and consistent writing skills, you can attract advertisers independently or join an advertising program. One of the trusted and profitable advertising programs for advertisers and bloggers that you need to know is AdNow Ads.

Maybe some of you do not really know about AdNow, which is more familiar, of course, Google’s search engine giant Google AdSense advertising program. But you need to know that AdNow is also an advertising program that needs to be taken into account and of course AdNow is already very familiar out there. If you want to know more fully about AdNow, then in this article I will review in full about AdNow Ads.

What is AdNow Ads?

AdNow is an advertising network company founded in 2014 by the Big Data digital marketing team, RTB, media buying, pay per click campaigns and mobile advertising with more than 10 years experience. AdNow is a web-based advertising network with very popular native content ads (Native Media Ads) that provide PPC and CPM ads, AdNow ads are in the form of widgets and are displayed as part of the content that is related content, banners and hybrid Ads, which are unique ad formats because combining an ad with other interesting site content to increase user engagement. especially websites with health niches and healthy lifestyles will be very suitable for AdNow ads because most of the ads from AdNow contain about health material. This AdNow ad is available for various devices with various screen sizes such as mobile, tablet and also desktop.

AdNow can be the best alternative to the Ad Network besides Google Adsense to make money with your blog and if you have joined AdSense ads then it will not be a problem to put AdNow ads on your website or blog together with AdSense. If you currently have a new blog with low traffic, you can try to join the AdNow advertising program.

When this article was written, AdNow stated that it received 140,000,000 impressions per day (5 billion / month) with 1,700 Advertisers, 150,000 Publishers and AdNow already used in 107 countries. Seeing these statistics proves that AdNow is very popular and trusted. And for Advertisers who run advertising programs to attract huge traffic to their site, this is the right choice for Advertisers to join AdNow immediately.

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How AdNow Works

AdNow is a profitable and targeted advertising network for advertisers who want to generate a lot of traffic to their business sites through interesting article recommendations. Ads are placed as widgets on the publisher’s blog sites that look like original content with related post models.

Publishers can benefit from sponsored content every click and view advertiser content on their website. This AdNow advertising service has been used by millions of webmasters and they make good profits from this program. Ad content is placed securely and there are moderators who always check the content before publishing. AdNow offers ads with Js tags so that they do not conflict with other ad networks such as AdSense, so it is safe to use AdNow together with other advertising programs without violating the rules and will not harm the publisher. In addition AdNow also offers other benefits such as weekly payments, multilingual support, and easy customization of content widgets as you wish and many more.

By having a site that is not so much you can still register to join the AdNow advertising program as a publisher, but to generate a large income you must also always try to bring in large organic traffic from search engines to your site by always doing regular quality articles auditing regularly. . And if your website can generate high traffic then you will be able to add PPC ads from AdNow. To make a lot of money does require hard work, especially SEO optimization or from social media, this does not only apply to advertising networks like AdNow, other advertising networks also demand the same thing.